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Groundskeeper Willie Van Gogh

Another arty simpsons photoshop
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I have posted your picture in my blog in order to illustrate an article (subject : creativity and mental deseases, is there a link with genetic?)

I have made mention of the source (

Do you agree?

Congratulations for your nice work!

Here is the link to my article :
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Woop! Two of my favourites mashed into one! Thank you. :+fav:
Ha ha! Very clever.
Loving the simpsons work you're doing
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now, that's just lvely :) you've made my day

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I saw this first thing in the morning and couldn't stop laughing, what a beautiful thing you did there, nice work.
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Haha you are good, what an original idea, funny and well done :clap: :giggle:
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hahaa your art is amazing!!!
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This must be very disturbing for Van Gogh's admirers.
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haha so cool! you did a great job. :)
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haha this is AWESOME!
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Amazing parody - the more so because of how perfectly Groundskeeper Willie's face/coloring fit into the original. :)
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hahaah! awesome :D
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bahahahahhahahahahahah <3
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