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Girl with the Pearl.. Necklace

It's Marge!
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photomanipulation?))))very funny art))
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That's very pretty.
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This is just.. wow!

Ugh.. the only thing is.. the colours you've used.. for skin especially.. instead of yellow.. makes it creeeeeeeeeepy.. a good way! I really feel like she's looking straight at me *gulps*
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This is awesome, love it!
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Yayy marge!! :D lmao
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haha i love this!
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I really like how you use the famous marge's pearl collar instead the "pearl earring".
haha really cool
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haha that's awesome!
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Lol, really looks like Ilyich's pic - [link] =)
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hahahha..wonderful..i made one too but copying Cezanne 's style!
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Wonderful! For my Girl with Pearl Earring collection!
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That surely is a good one :clap:
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Being dutch and a big fan of Vermeer.....I have to have this one ofcourse!
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When I saw this... I burst out laughing. It's SO ODD to see marge done like this. Bravo!!
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Marge is my favourite character with all her lame-ness xD
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Seriously. 96 faves and 15 comments? My crap gets more comments than this.

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AAAHAHAHAAHAHA, AWESOME. i don't know if Vermeer would appreciate this. X'DDD :heart: Personally, i'd be pretty flattered if i were him. XD
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Ahahhaaaah!... <just died> XD
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I just can't believe this piece has been faved only 40 times... are all the other people here blind or is just bad luck that keeps them from finding this?
congratulations :D
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