Rainmeter calendar. Now with new day order.

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Version 1.2 includes a bold and underlined version with the week beginning on Monday. Plans for another "layout" of the week is in the making as well as some skinned versions that will work pretty good standing alone.

Considering how long it took to get this update out, it'll probably be yet another month or so before anything, but who knows.

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Hi - thanks, it was so uncomfortable to use sunday - saturday one. I got one request though, could you tell me how to translate it to polish? Here is the list:
January - styczeń
February - luty
March - marzec
April - kwiecień
May - maj
June -czerwiec
July - lipiec
August - sierpień
September - wrzesień
October - październik
November - listopad
December - grudzień
(you can replace "ń" with "n" and "ź" with "z" - it still will be ok)
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Thanks for the comment, and that's really a good idea. This is supposed to be handled by Windows because the calendar takes the name of the month as Windows displays it.

If you want to check your Date or Language settings there may be a way to set the way the months display. I'll also work on a way of forcing the calendar to display certain months, as well.