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I've just finished the 3.0 alpha of the calendar update and it is available for testing at the Rainmeter.net forums. I'm not making it downloadable off dA yet because I don't want everyone to expect it to work 100% when they get it.

Go to the thread rainmeter.net/forum/viewtopic.… and you'll find a download the calendar along with a brief overview.

Here's a copy of the post there:

Hello everyone,
I'm pretty excited to finally be posting this. I've finally updated my calendar (the one used in Enigma) with a bunch of improvements. Putting it at what I call version 3.0

It's not really "Enigma compatible" as it is now, plus it's in it's early alpha/beta testing stages.

This update is huge and includes:

    * Skinning
    * Customizable holidays
    * "Simple" recoding
    * Translatable months and days
    * Sunday-Saturday and Monday-Sunday options are included in the same config
    * Other fancy UI improvements

This is a call for help as I need people to run it through its paces and help me get as many kinks out as possible. Also suggestions of any kind would be appreciated.

I've included a basic set of everything needed. It's not really pretty but good enough for testing and trying to show off everything available. Many of the elements are hopefully understandable as named but something may not be and I can work on some documentation for that (I plan to anyway).

A quick guide to the calendar

    * Installation
      Installation is as simple as unzipping right now. I've renamed the calendar from just "calendar for rainmeter" to "Limpet Calendar" since there are many more calendars out now. Just keep everything in the folder as is and things should run smoothly.

    * Language
      By default the calendar is set up for the default American language and holidays. It is preferred that new localizations (lang_*.loc) be created instead of editing an existing one. This way they can be shared easily. A .loc file must be defined in the calendar.ini or you will not see the days of the week displayed or the month. Using include1 or include2 does not matter.

      Header information should be kept intact for distribution so people can keep track of who created the translation.

    * Holidays
      The exciting part (for me). Holidays are defined in .hol file and the default is named "US_default.hol". I haven't really decided on a naming convention that would be convenient.

      The holiday file is similar to an XML file as that was the best way I could think of to layout the info. Like before, the header information should be kept intact.

      Here's a rundown of each part:
          o Day - This is the day of the year the holiday falls on. Since most holidays follow rules that do not place them consistently on the same day and leap years come into play, this will be subject to change every year.
          o Value - This is what will be displayed in your calendar. By default I have the calendar set up to show a "tooltip" when one hovers the mouse of the holiday indicator. This indicator (again, by default) is a dark red rectangle highlighting the bottom half of the day.
          o Date - This is not currently used and really only serves as a reminder to you or anyone looking at the file to know what the Day is in familiar terms. It's best if this is kept in the same mm/dd/yy format as this is most likely the format I would use to implement in the calendar.

    * Skins
      Skins, I decided to leave as a .inc file. This is a massive [variables] file that has every option for meters. These variables are plugged into a meter style in calendar.ini. Reading the manual will help you understand what these do and should be easy enough to figure out for those who are at least somewhat experienced.

      Skinning the calendar basically falls down to creating a layout ahead of time in background image and using the positions to line up the parts of the calendar to fit the background image. A basic example of this is done in my skin.

The extension of the file names doesn't really matter as long as you change the references to them in the calender itself but I figured it was best to set up conventions ahead of time to prevent difficulties later.

Again, if you have any ideas, complaints, bug fixes or anything else make a post and let me know.

Thanks for looking. Hope you find some use out of it.

Also, I mention this in the calendar but I thought I'd give props here as well.

    * Alex Attar's Chameleon Calendar skin
    * poiru's Gnometercalendar
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