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Rainmeter Calendar



**Update Sept 2010**
The calendar has received an upgrade including holidays, localization and skinability.

Check out the beta at the Rainmeter forums and pitch in your ideas and thoughts.


Instead of using Rainlender I built my own calendar to use in Rainmeter.

Originally designed to fit in the Sidebar layout for the "Enigma" layout: [link]

Silk icon thanks to Mark James at [link]

Grey (micons) icon thanks to [link]

**Update 3/30/09**
Updated to include a version with the week starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. Both the underline and bold versions have this.

A minor feature with these new calendars is they now update faster! Whoopie! Also note that I changed the font I used back to Trebuchet MS (the font ~Kaelri uses in Enigma).

Sorry for the wait, everyone. Enjoy!

**Update 1/10/09**
This is now a pack including 2 calendar types. One is the original underlined type and the other is a stylized text type to highlight the current day. Each are just as customizable as before.

Also added is the option to display part of the previous and next month in the calendar (partly displayed in the preview). Again, colors can be customized.

Also, two icons are included (credits above) and are used to enable/disable showing the extra days in the calendar by double left clicking. By right clicking you can open the Time/Date Properties window (only tested in Windows XP Pro as admin).

And then obviously the month is now displayed next to the icon. This also can be enabled/disabled, but it requires some in-config tweaking

Hope you enjoy the new features and improvements.
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