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Oh That Tonks



Tonks may not be my favorite HP character (at least after OOTP), but I do like to draw her from time to time. What can I say, I love pink hair.

I know the kind of common fanart interpretation of Tonks is pretty punky, but I just never read her that way. Yes, her hair is sometimes pink or purple, but if you could turn your hair any color at any moment, wouldn't you (heck yes I would)? I think of her as spunky, rather than punky.

And huzzah, I finally did some wand magic that doesn't look totally LAME.

Tonks belongs to JKR (but not Lupin! No!).
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While I had her image in my head as, maybe not punky, but not girly-girl or ordinary long before the movie version, your rendition is very good for this character. Nicely done! I think Tonks is one of the characters the movies did wrong, though not near so horribly wrong as Luna.