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In this tutorial, you'll learn some great tips and tricks on using multiple gradients and Blending Modes to create an enchanting dark elf character in Adobe Illustrator. 
You'll see the work flow from sketch to finish and see how creating your own brushes can add those fine refining details your illustration may need.

Working With Blending Modes and Gradients to Create a Dark Elf 


Dark elf by LimKis

© 2013 - 2021 LimKis
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Thanks again for your contribution to the DA knowledge :D
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OH MY GOD!!!!!

I JUST saw this tutorial last NIGHT!!!!! I was searching for some tuts and this was one of the links. Designtuts have changed their layout A BUNCH since last I checked late last year.

I have to give you my patented "Thumbz Up Award" for this one, it totally grabbed my attention. :iconthumbsupplz: Secondly I find it more than a coincidence that I was about to ask you about your tips on Blend Overlay when you do your vectors, it's so obvious and that's 1 technique I want to experiment as far as shading, that and Alpha Masking? Have you heard of this technique and what's the difference or are they the same? And which one do you prefer, or is that a stupid question because the answer's so obvious?:laughing:
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Thank you so much!
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LimKs (Maria) should consider seriously make workshops (or similar) of digital illustration.

It's a cool help for the expenses of an artist.  8)

Stay well and take care.
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Thank you for making this! You're the only vector artist that inspires me. If I ever take up this medium, it will be because of you. And now I have a tutorial to guide me through the more advanced parts :)
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This is hands down the most intricately crafted vector piece I've ever seen. I'm blown away. :nuu:
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You do things with vector I didn't even think possible, wow!  Thanks for the tut!
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I only just started with Illustrator so this goes way over my head :P maybe in a few months I'll come back to this and understand something. I don't even want to master it that well, just the basics for now for logo designs etc.
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you wouldn't happen to have a short vid recording of your work would you?
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