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I'd like to try something new, find a new challenge and new experience.

So I'm looking for a completely new job.

I'd consider all offers. I do have some preferences though. At the moment I imagine my ideal job as having to do with character design (for comic books, games, cartoons) and even letting me develop my own characters and stories.

I'm living in Russia, but I would consider other locations too (preferably the  US, Canada, China, Europe).

I'll send my complete resume on request.

With regards,

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Yeah concept art is where its at! Good luck to you!
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If I could at all afford to pay you a living wage, I would gladly hire you in a heartbeat. Sadly, I'm probably in worse financial shape than you are. But I DO wish you the best of luck, and if you ever do wind up here in North America, perhaps a collaboration would be in order.
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Good luck! :D With your level of skill, you should have no problem finding a job that satisfies you.
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why the hell would you offer to live in china? anyway you're awesome, hope you find a spankin new job
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good luck with that Limkis :D im sure you can find a better job
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Will you continue working on City Birds?
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I wish I could give some leads, but all I can give are best wishes. Good luck! I'm sure someone will contact you.
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That is wonderful! I wish you the best!
ParanoidPoozle's avatar
That's really great! Best of luck to you!
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With your talent I'm sure you could land a job at any game design company. Just apply and send in a portfolio.
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I hope you'll find something great! best luck
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