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Adobe Illustrator cs 4
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I always knew Illustrator was more... vibrant than Photoshop, but wow. o_O
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I love this one... it reminds me of how were all thrown here, but we can choose religion or science,assumption or assumed truth, but no one really will ever know how we really got here.
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cool paintin,
u r an amazin artist...
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you did that all will illustartor? wow
i am impressed
my skills are not nearly that great at gradient meshes
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Супер!! Отличная техника, великолепные рисунки!
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I love that angel.
Rizwizkid's avatar
This is amazing !!
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amazing mate! give me some advice where can I learn how to draw in vector ... your stuff are beautiful
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The guy kinda looks like George Clooney! Haha :D
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This is just absolutely gorgeous. It's light, refreshing and with just enough details to be intricate but not over complicated.
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Thats pretty awesome :clap:
keep it up :thumbsup:
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Beautiful coloring . it feel like u was just playing with colors and this thing come out O_O
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Your stuff is just so freaking gorgeous. It's like an orgasm for the eyes.
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Wow, great picture and such an original idea! c:
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I always waiting the artwork from LimKis
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Wow, that is very great XDD
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very shiny!!! =D
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you are really an AI ANGEL :D
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I love how delicate this is.
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