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golden fish

Adobe Illustrator CS2

A golden wish can grant wishes. This fish is rolled into the shape of an embryo. A wish – is always the future. Our hopes, our future plans. Something, that we only want to have
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i am inlove with your work , i cant get enough!....what a fantastic woman you must be,.....thank you
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This is really awesome, it took me a while to see the girl/fish. I would really like to know how you use your gradients and transparencies to create your artwork. It is a shame other people ripped off your work when you were helping everyone out by sending your ai file.
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This is such an inspiration<3
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this was featured here [link] ^___^
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omg this is amazing... wow.
Goddamnit, Steve, did you blow up the gold fish again?

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the colors work so well together
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Oh gossssh! :wow:
I love, love this orange and blue compliments. I love the flow, it's like a twisting and turn of orange flames and blue waves/water. The fins on her bag is a good placement. It's like wings!
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i saw this image already a few times and today I noticed that there is a woman in the picture... I love it that each time I look at it discover something new (or I am just very slow ><;) no I love the colors and the lines

amazing ^^
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very nice and great! :)
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respect you... nice, nice, nice
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brilliant and amazing!
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Interesting composition...
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that s#!t is hot!
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really nice :D
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That's beautiful!
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really great colors there...superb
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or rotated water...

anyway that's great...
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