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Stunning work... Fav
Has a nice glass-like look. Beautifully layered.
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Ha something magical inside <3
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very very very beauty!
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Великолепная работа! такая безумно красивая роза! *_*
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wow.  no words.
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That rose is so vibrant against the rich blues and green highlights!
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Absolutely gorgeous i really would like a print of this colors are absolutely amazing!
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what a beauty !!


Tumblr blog

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Great work!  Do you have some tutorial for how to draw like this in Illustrator? 
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As usual perfect:)))
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Really pretty, I love the colors!
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Wow :0

This is brilliant! You are awesome :)
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You should make a wallpaper version of this :D It's lovely
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Could you offer a 1920x1080 wallpaper of this picture? I would be very happy!
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I recently just decided to try vector art and was looking up inspirations. I definitely can say I found this to be illumination of a vector. The colors are so wonderful and enticing it makes me scream in joy of the abstraction that make this magical realism and extreme detailed scence! Keep up the great work!
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Love the colors!
I can almost see a woman in the background, was this on purpose or do I just have a weird mind? :)
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Beautiful...What lovely effects and colors
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