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Where Did You Sleep Last Night

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This one was painted while listening to Nirvana’s song “Where did you sleep last night?” Honestly speaking, I wasn’t listening to the lyrics, I simply enjoyed the voice. Only after having finished this work, I finally understood what the song was about.
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Hello! :wave:

As part of :iconthetitlepage:'s Found Poetry: Titles as Art project, I've used the title of this wonderful deviation in a poem here:

Tell Me What You've Gone and Done Now

Thank you so much! :heart:
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I've used the title of your beautiful piece in a found poem. :heart:

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in the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines...
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I like that song. I think I can see how the music of the song influenced this painting.
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wowwww. this is incredibly beautiful. how did you do it?
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HOLY ....
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wheevr I listen to that sound, I do get the feeling I'm starting to sleep or dream.

I love this picture, it definately captures the feeling of a dream and the colors are very soothing.
I also like the orange water wheer the fish is entering, as it provides a nice contrast to the blues without being overbearing.
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crazy!.. I will try to do something like this.. hopefully I can even try!! :)
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I love nirvana :nirvana:
but this work is just WOW.. :omfg:
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Hooooly crap this is amazing! I think out of all your gallery so far, this is my favorite. Great song too ;p
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i love the song “Where did you sleep last night?” as well, and i never paid attention to it's lyrics as well

but that sone gives me an impression as darkness..
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Congratulations! :) I featured this piece of vector art in the "Best Of 2007" Edition of Vectography :) Check it out here: [link]

and dont forget to :+fav: the article ;)
this... is truly psychedelic... wow!
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It strikes me that if anyone ever mounted an
exhibition of computer art, this is the sort of thing that would be perfect. Of course, at this point in history most of us don't think of hanging a digital
artwork on the wall and yet even though one can't see brush strokes in this work it is something that should be available to people other than internet browsers. The mixing of the abstract with highly
representational images and all done with an exquisite feel for drawing is simply stunning and I
hope you get the recognition you deserve.
the colours are mesmerising, so way out there, and, i find that the nirvana unplugged album is the best, i don't know why, maybe it is just because everything is stripped away apart from the basics
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Exquisite work. It has a striking dream-like quality. I love this! This is one of the best work I've seen so far!

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Wow.. this is simply amazing. The colors are absolutely beautiful.
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you really worked magic with this, it's intricate and meaningful.
Regarding your description, it seems like you enjoyed the feel of the song, and I thought you might like to hear the original track by Leadbelly.


Its got a darker air to it, and even more so on account of the old recording.
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Wow! This is such an amazing way of spanning sky, land and sea!

The contrast with the warm tones of the land to the cool colors above and below reflects the heat absorption rate of insolation (sunlight) and the breaking pieces of land appear to me as logs or debris from environment destruction or an oil spill.

The 'bed' if it were, seem to be the spilling of the organs of the giant fish-serpent, and all of this muck up front is highly contrasted to the back horizon of sunny skies and cute trees with an illusion of paradise.

In short: Beautiful!

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