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Mount 02

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Sooooo cooooool!
The sheer imagination.
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wooooooowwwwwww!!! i love your artworks!!
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The style is so lively and magical.
dinanta's avatar
Magic, as usual...
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Great look, and a fresh and unusual use of vectors here. Superb work!
ramaeschlimann's avatar
Matterhorn representation? :confused:
mmiu's avatar
once again, wonderful illustration!
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I'm impressed. Even in my most complex digital landscapes I can't achieve the sort of depth and light that you've achieved.

Is this a mixture of vector and bitmap? Or the former, purely?

My one criticism is that the composition doesn't do justice to the dynamic technique... it is relatively conventional, static, and centered, although you are probably wise not to push in too chaotic a direction.

Anyhow, your comments and advice are appreciated. Please keep up the fine work.
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This is my second favourite, after the zoomed out one =3
SimbaGirl's avatar
Wow!! Love the perspective and everything. :D
Homicidalrevolver's avatar
this series is amazing as always
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love it! great work
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I'm going to live there one day.
kecen's avatar
I feel like I'm looking at a meticulousy-crafted ice cream sundae :)
Must be one of those new-fangled molecular cooks at work.
my gods! i love this new series. you should make an animation of it if you can
arcthelove's avatar
It looks like it's alive!
Bluesigma's avatar
wow i wish I could just watch you work
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you're amazing, that's what you are :)
ZoeyHuerta's avatar
My brain is melting! This is beautiful as always! :D
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You're doing so well :).
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