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Astrology Magic

By LimKis
Adobe Illustrator cs 4
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© 2010 - 2021 LimKis
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If that's supposed to be Terry Pratchett - shouldn't that be Discworld instead?
13thBloodhound's avatar
Wow.. somehow I saw Mr. Morgan Freeman there.. 
canttel's avatar
when i saw this picture the first thought that came to my head was 
"hey thats not god!" lol xDD
Cleanfall's avatar
Check the number of favorites! How ironic.
setSET08's avatar
awesome ..i super love it
Bobibillius's avatar
I APPLAUD your concept. Wow. :)
CaPtIne's avatar
ahhh... so this is what god looks like! :)
WendyFae's avatar
cool! n i like the title too :)
haq's avatar
hi, I was thinking, is there a chance to get this piece of art in eps file so I can make it a snowboard skin ?

I would send you a photo :) cheers
algonquinpaddler's avatar
This and all your work is gorgeous.
KevinCease's avatar
where on earth did you learn to use Illustrator like this?
ChazKemp's avatar
Fantastic stuff!!!
hypercatwalk's avatar
ohmy!! thats really cool :jawdrop:
Jahydane's avatar
Wow! It looks like you can really trust this guy. And that's a good thing because he has the Earth in his hands... It's a beautiful piece of work. :)
Rizwizkid's avatar
This awesome !!
IrshTt's avatar
WOW amazing...
shtoki's avatar
да техника исполнения просто здоровская, не говоря уже о воображении! такой милый мужчина получился!
CandyIce's avatar
Archon171's avatar
buntu's avatar
Love this one :)
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