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Agiratum WIP ---



It feeds with pockets.
It uses pulpy petals to devour light and hides them in pockets on upper half on its body at night or in danger.
In lower cameras (of blue color) is water to slowly use it up. Interacting with pockets discharges water slowly get thick. In the moments of danger (if predator tries to catch it) cameras are to throw that water away to get smaller. Discharges are poisonous for the most predators of that planet and slippery to get away easier.

Its quite clever and has good memory. Agi can mimic and educate with others experience. It helps him to live long. It likes to watch sceneries, its often seen watching sunsets or sunrises or flowers, remains, trees, pits that are useless for him. It looks like Agi wants to study about these things by looking at them and touching them with his tail. Its interested in the world.
They like to play. That habit may be harmful to them sometimes. They lose their attention when playing.
Agiratum are curious about all new things. Because of that their natural habitat is very wide, it often travels by itself or in groups of two (and no more than five). Sometimes it goes far away from water sources. It has been seen even on top of mountain trees, where it has learned how to melt ice crystals to get water. But in such tight places its smaller than usual, more slow and have almost no of red color.

Head is the most important part of its body. It has very strong abilities to regenerate and can recover even parts of body.
Head and neck covered with hard shell. It defend head, veins and four eyes.
Two lower eyes can see energy streams (therere invisible predators on that planet that can orient with targets energy). Two higher eyes see usual light of material objects.

Three tails of Agi are always in motion. They are to sense world in addition to eyes and to keep enemies on distance. Tails help him to clean petals and to get rid of parasites.
It has a lot of electrical cells in its tails and tails can shine or radiate electrical charges to strike immaterial predators if its impossible to hide from them in water.

Childs of Agi looks like huge golden seed with eyes on its upper part and a lot of pockets for petals and water. Head forms after seed has grown enough to have a defensive shell.
Agiratum carry those seeds in their
mouth (special place in lower half of their head). When seed is big enough its to be let off into the sea.
Agiratum have males and females. Males have red petals and more of green color, females petals are bright pink and body is relatively light blue.
To create the seed they touch each others heads opening cameras on its lower part.
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Ahh!!  This is so awesome I can't take it!!!!