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Hot Wheels by KChampeny Hot Wheels :iconkchampeny:KChampeny 105 37
I know, it's called an anniversary. I'm not that awful at the English language. 
Year-a-versary sounds better anyways. It tells people how long I've been around. It isn't obscure like 'anniversary' or 'birthday' which both require the follow up question of 'How many years has it been?'
Regardless. . . I've been here a year now. 
There has been many tits I have written about, plenty of milky fun, some shameless plugs, and some cool friends I've met along the way. If I'm cynical, I figure I would have done more in this year but if I practice even the tiniest drop of gratitude, I deduce that I'm unbelievably happy, tremendously blessed, and. . . a third thing. Writing, mostly about tits but writing in general, has taken over my life in this year and I've never been more fulfilled with submitting my work to a platform like dA where like-thinkers can enjoy what I also enjoy. 
There isn't much I can say going forward. I know there are some areas that I nail consistently
:iconsaint-limey:Saint-Limey 2 7
But I'm A Girl: Pt 1
My name is Akira Haneda, and even though it might not seem like it, I'm actually a girl. Ever since I started University, people have been mistaking me for a boy. It's kind of a new sensation for me. When I was in High School, I was sort of a plain girl. I wouldn't say I was ugly or pretty, but somewhere in the middle. There wasn't anything remarkable about me, other than I was unremarkable. So I guess I stopped trying. I was the type of girl who wore tights under her uniform's skirt.
I got really sick my second year of High School and had to spend a few months at home. To make it easier on me, I cut my hair short. I suppose that's when I really stopped caring about how I looked. When I came back to school no one seemed to care one way or another, and I just finished out my time in school looking like that.
I was really happy when I finally got accepted into Keiai University. No more uniforms, I could dress how I wanted. When I'm at home I often steal my younger brother's clothes (h
:iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 51 12
Mature content
Macromastia Millie :iconbeengineer:beengineer 114 10
Weenie by crowpop Weenie :iconcrowpop:crowpop 10 10
Mature content
Delilah - Part 3 (Final) :iconbantlebroth:Bantlebroth 24 6
Manor of Magic 3 Part 2: Possessive Curiosity
Lana began to stir after several hours, moaning in pain as she rubbed her eyes. She tried sitting up on the couch she was laying on, her whole body feeling sore as vision began to return to her. Her breathing was slow and fatigued, lacking any energy after enduring the day.
"Good, you're awake!" Lana turned her head to see Lisia smiling at her, closing the book she was reading. Lana's sense of feeling quickly started returning to her body, and she shivered from her head feeling freezing cold. She reached her hand up on top of her head to rub it, instead puncturing the bag of ice resting atop her head on accident. As cold water began dripping down her head and onto the large blanket covering her, she panicked when she looked at her hands and discovered they were still fox paws. Her tall, fuzzy ears twitched in response to her accelerated breathing, only serving to further terrify Lana. Leaning back in her position made her uncomfortable, and after shifting around for a few seconds she r
:iconjessica50:Jessica50 2 4
Where am I going? How am I going to get there? by Azuneechan Where am I going? How am I going to get there? :iconazuneechan:Azuneechan 280 52 Pio Pio Pio by Cioccolatodorima Pio Pio Pio :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,690 214 Weirdoos Test Comic by Furrama Weirdoos Test Comic :iconfurrama:Furrama 29 15 Get Your Zest On... by becesque Get Your Zest On... :iconbecesque:becesque 65 37 Fluid Fighters by Catetas Fluid Fighters :iconcatetas:Catetas 58 10 I love play with fire by MixedMilkChOcOlate I love play with fire :iconmixedmilkchocolate:MixedMilkChOcOlate 922 172 Speed Lines by Exzachly
Mature content
Speed Lines :iconexzachly:Exzachly 1,147 186
Our House TG - Part 2 of 2
Our House (continued from Part 1)
I could tell she was serious. Her hand trembled a little with her grip. Slowly, she looked away and said, "So you don't go into black doors. That's the end. No more of it."
She turned away from the door and cleared her throat. "We can go back and find the beach. It's nice. You don't even need a swimsuit. You dry instantly anyway." She gave a little laugh and started walking away from the black door. I followed her around a corner. She stopped fast and panted in front of me. I looked ahead.
There was another black door right next to the white one we'd entered through. Only this one was open a crack. Just a crack. It shifted a little. The door undulated like how the bathroom door used to do when it was really windy and it was just barely open. It moved out and back. The latch clicked a little when it touched. The sound was like crunching something brittle under foot.
Maggie took a long breath and bent her head around to me. "Stop thinking about bl
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 54 87
Our House TG - Part 1 of 2
Our House
It had been three weeks since my mother died and one week since my dad moved into an assisted living manor due to advancing dementia. The family home was my responsibility now. I had good, older memories there.
When I was a little boy, I could remember riding atop my medium-sized, battery-powered toy train. I laid the tracks in the den and up the steps and around into the hallway. The darkness of the hall with the lights off made it like a tunnel. Then the train moved down to the living room and off to my bedroom. After a certain age, I was too big to ride, so I would put my toys and stuffed animals atop it and play conductor.
It was a beautiful time. My mother was a life-long head librarian for the county library and my father edited reference texts, so there was no shortage of books about the house. Sadly, neither had the mind or eyes to read for years.
I was a happy child but routinely sickly. No matter though. A day home from school meant another day on the railroa
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 66 31


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