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How to sculpt a movable beak

One of many ways to sculpt a moveable beak!

Have you seen my other tutorials?

I used this way sculpting the movable beak for my posable gryphon doll Arimas:

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How durable is super sculpey compared to sculpey firm?
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Aaaa!! Thank you! You see, I'm planning for my first poseable plush to be a Bearded Vulture, so this helps a lot! I was also planning to make Trico from The Last Guardian so this helps with both of them!!
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I am going to be trying this for sure!  Can I ask one I cover the wooden stick with clay...or just cover the ends to keep it in with clay sorry.  Thank you so much for all your tutorials it really truly helps !
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You just cover the ends to keep the stick in place :)
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Didn't even know this was possible. You, my friend, are brilliant. Thanks for the tutorial! :3
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Thank you! And welcome :meow:
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Thank you very much for the tutorial!
I used it here:…
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You did a wonderful job! :la:
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Oh thank you very much! I'm glad you like it!
And thanks again for the very helpful tutorial!
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Thank you for the tut :)
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thanks for tutorial
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hmm do you think this would work with other jaws, maybe? canines/equines, perhaps..I'd love to try it.
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I haven't tried it before with other types of jaws. Give it a try! Make sure the lower jaw does not get to heavy!
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Another great tip  :happybounce: ... Thanks againHug
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I recently tried to make a moving jaw, and it failed miserably.  Your way makes so much more sense!  I love it!
Thanks for sharing this and all of your other tutorials.  I never cast my dolls, but maybe I should start!

I also have a lot of plastic eyes, but never have managed to figure out how to get around baking them.  I think in your other tutorial with the head base, I could insert the eyes into the foam and sculpt around them!  Wow, this is so helpful for me! <3
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
I don't recommend putting plastic eyes into the oven! You can use glass eyes, those don't melt! If you put foam into the oven, make sure it is entirely and tightly covered with tin foil, otherwise it might expands from the heat and destroys your sculpt!
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Oh no, that was my point!  I've never been able to use my plastic eyes because they melt, and they rarely look good when they're not properly sculpted in and baked.

In another tutorial you posted I noticed you made a base that you could slide out from under the clay, though.  I was thinking I could firmly attach the eyes to the base and sculpt around them, then they could be removed for baking as well.

Sorry I wasn't clearer!
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Aaaah, thats how you meant! I understand. Yes, you could try this! It should work! :meow:
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Thanks so much for making this! 
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Excellent advice! Thank you so much for sharing all of your expertise
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