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How to make a resin cast in a one-part mold

Thanks to :icongraveatart:, whose Vurmling head i used for this tutorial and thanks to my hubby who assisted me by playing the hand model! :heart:

You can't make your own mold/cast or don't want to waste money and material? I offer you my help! Like for :icongraveatart: i can make molds and casts from YOUR object for the fraction of the price you would spend on materials! Send me a note!

Have you seen my other tutorials?

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Have you ever cast anything else aside from resin? I have had some perfect cast that I tried so far just to try. It took the mold good but unsure of how durable it is next to resin. I also recently bought some Smooth-Cast liquid plastic that I got when I bought my Silicone Rubber for the mold. Haven't tried it out yet.
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I absolutely love your tutorials. So helpful!
I'm still very new to this whole resin casting thing and I have some questions before trying it out for myself. Hope you could answer them :'D

1. Would I need to apply some kind of release agent to the mold before slush casting?
2. Is resin hard to paint? I've heard you need to prime it with some kind of automotive primer before painting it with acrylic paint but is it really necessary?
3. Would this technique work with this…    type of resin?
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Not necessarily. Nothing sticks to silicone but silicone. You should be good.
Resin is easy to paint. Use a plastic primer (spray can from for craft store. no automotive primer..) and acrylic paint and the appropriate varnish. I suggest to prime and varnish if you want to keep the paint from rubbing off.
I don't know that particular product but you can write to smooth-on on their webpage. Their help & support team is very knowledgable!

Hope I could help. Happy crafting!
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Thank you for your reply! I appreciate it endlessly and will keep it in mind when I get to crafting.

I tried looking for a varnish that would be appropriate for resin but couldn't find one.
Is there any particular type/brand you could suggest? I've heard about the dangers of using a wrong one.
Once again thank you for your help!
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Use an acrylic varnish. polyurethane varnish should work too. there are various spray & brush-on varnishes here in the US. I don't know what brands you got in Sweden so you just have to look and see what works best.
What dangers are you talking about?
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Thank you! I'll see what I can find. 
I just mostly heard about varnishes coagulating on top of the sculpture or leaving marks.
I have no experience with varnish so I can't confirm this. It's probably just people using nail polish or some really
cheap stuff.
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yeah probably so. If you use varnish, do this in several thin layers instead of drowning your piece in one thick coat. The varnish on the surface might dry but the thick layer beneath cannot, so it will stay tacky and ruin your piece..
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Do you do video tutorials?
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Nope, but it is planned.
Thank you! I have been looking for a tutorial like this for a long time... I'm buying my resin and silicone tomorrow. :3
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Hope you where successful molding and casting :)
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I'm confuzled. Why is there a hole on the top and bottom of the mold and what is the styrofoam used for? And the rubberbands... I don't understand thier purpose either....


I just don't want to do anything wrong the first time, sorry!

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I don't use styrofoam in this tutorial. Please read the tutorial about "how to make a one-part mold", it will answer all your questions. You will find the direct link to this tutorial in the description (picture on the right)
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I made a mold once with the intention of doing a slush cast, but in my ignorance I did not add a neck or anything to stop the resin from coming out of the bottom. I wouldn't recommend doing that, lol. 
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I learned that after making my very first mold too.. ^^
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i sort of understand the tutorial.... kind of... but how do you end up making multiple heads?
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The resin you pour into the mold cures - time depends on the type of resin - and can be removed when hardened! You then remove your copy out of the mold, and pour the next batch into the mold, and so on. It works like baking muffins. The mold is the baking sheet, the resin is the dough. After the dough is baked, you remove it from the baking sheet and can use it for more muffins! :meow:
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How is the copy removed without damaging the mold?
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The mold got cut in the previous step --> How to make a one-part mold by LimitlessEndeavours the resin cast will be removed the same way after hardening.
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k, thank  you <3 
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This tutorial was super helpful, been having a go at making my own molds and resin casts!
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I'm glad it was helpful! :meow:
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Thanks so much for these two tutorials! They'll come in super handy later!
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