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November 25, 2013
911 How To Rescue Dry Clay by *LimitlessEndeavours
Featured by Elandria
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911 How To Rescue Dry Clay

SO MUCH LUFF WOW!! Thank you so much ^Elandria for featuring my tutorial as a Daily Deviation! And thanks to you guys, for your constant support and great feedbacks! You are awesome!
I will try to answer all comments and notes in the following days!
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A short time ago, i found a box of brand new super sculpey firm in the darkest corner of my storage room. It must have been hiding there about a half year long. Thanks to drastic temperature changes in my storage, the clay was stone hard and dust dry. :skull: I'll be your huckleberry!  But, there‘s no need to throw dead clay like this away! I used an easy way to bring this crumbly clay back to life, and want to share this technique with you! Whisper sweet nothings in my ear! 

Have you seen my other tutorials? Do you have suggestions for the next tutorial?

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Katinka-Duval's avatar
Thanks for this useful tutorial!
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
threadsie's avatar
And just in time too.  Was about to chuck mine out.  Thanks for saving me a wad of cash!

LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
You're very welcome! :meow:
birdmachine's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial! Do you know if this method will work on older clay? I have some Sculpey that's been sitting there for years rather than just a few months... I always felt bad about throwing it out since I hoped there was a way to revive it.
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
I should. Just give it a try and let me know if it worked!
ShadowGirl-Rox's avatar
Perfect! I guess have to be little drops of oil, I mean, nothing is going to happen when baking since is oil?.
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AmethystForge's avatar
excellent :D :D thank you
LarayaDracomshu's avatar
A little coconut oil works just as well, but I guess if its super dried then that means cooking oil has a little more kick to it.
LarayaDracomshu's avatar
Coconut also gives the clay a smoother texture as well as new life to the clay.
BoneCrackerQueen's avatar
Can also be dried clay baked yet?
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
Yes, it can be baked. You can use a brush or Q-tip to apply a super fine film of cooking oil if you think the surface of your dried ready-to-bake object is too dry. :meow:
Roozke112's avatar
I have a question, I want to use super sculpey to make a model.. but, I am not really familiar with the stuff, wich clay do you recommend?
I want to sculpt something and be able to paint it, and maybe even glue feathers and such to it, or just attach them differently (I work with real animal stuff... and I'm planning on making a bird like creature with real bird wings and stuff) 
Any idea wich clay is handy for me?

Love your work!!!
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
The skin colored Super Sculpey should be fine for your purpose. You can mix 50:50 with Super Sculpey Firm (grey one) to support parts of your creature where it need to be stronger. (Things like horns, beaks and such) All Sculpey's can be painted with acrylics, but should be primed properly. If you attend to glue feathers or fur or the sculpture, make sure the area isn't smooth - criss-cross scratch the clay before baking, where you will glue later. This helps the glue to stick onto the clay. You can use super glue or hot glue.

I hope this helps! :meow:
Roozke112's avatar
How do I bake the stuff? :-) I mean, Can i just put it in my kitchen oven? 
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
Yeah, you can bake it at home. Instructions are on the box.
Roozke112's avatar
Nice :)! Thank you very much!
Bluefire-Amaterasu's avatar
OMG! Thank you so much for this awesome advice!!! I have a box of old super sculpey at home and was kinda sad that I wouldn't be able to use it anymore. Thank you so much again. Now I can go get some wire and start my first poseable doll with my old clay!!! You're awesome~ :la:
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