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Bursting World Brainstorm:

Normal arousal causes small bits of inflation. Even just having sex or masturbation causes a sort of...... hyperventilation or gasping that bloats up the body. Staying to the stomach and maybe some breast.

Men are programmed to find teh growth arousing. Women do too, but not as much.
There is a brain chemical that causes greater arousal and happiness seeing or experiencing inflation.

That special breathing in, is a form of erotic meditation. And can be done just by breathing properly, and some explicitly do it to make sex better. To get bigger during sex and so it feels better.

In ancient times this was used to make sex more appealing, sort of like a woman's peacocking. If she could inflate bigger, she'd get more of a man's attention
Because of the brain chemicals that makes people love inflation and the round shape- the women that could inflate the biggest got the most sexual attention. Eventually leading to them being the most likely to get pregnant.
Given women explode to give birth, and have more babies in relation to how big they can get. This only encouraged inflation to sustain communities.
So, mediation inflation became a religious experience due to positive association, being a learned skill, and causing erotic, peaceful, and other such feelings.

Women inflate with amniotic fluid and babies during pregnancy, reaching their maximum possible size (for people who don't inflate that's about their height) and explode. In the course of about a year, maybe a year and a half?
Exploding to give birth, means that popping (death) is associated with giving life. A woman has to explode to have children.
Because this was the ONLY way children are born, it means that exploding is seen as a good thing.
Because getting pregnant took LOOOOOTS of sex, it was rare, and thus especially a blessing.
Positive association with pregnancy bursting made popping a “good” thing.
Because of the brain chemicals, a total sphere of a woman was the sexiest thing ever. Made men unbelievably horny, happy, and made women envious.
Because of the brain chemicals, and popping to give birth, and being a total sphere right before explosion- bursting was the “climax” of inflation. Some men and women explicitly got more brain chemical seeings omeone explode.

Lots of diseases and allergic reactions cause inflation to exploding.
“Cold” a sort of lung thingy that causes constant sneezinga nd a rapid inhalation, leading to a fast explosion in the first day if it doesn't stop.
“Hiccups” a slower more stomach related constant hiccup. Slooooowly inflating someone over days if it can't be cured.
Various allergens. Like blueberries. Cause rapid production of some kind of fluid- juice, cum, watery mucus, etc – to bursting. In some cases minutes, in some cases days
Spontaneous False Pregnancy- a sudden slow swelling of fluid. Almost reminiscent of pregnancy, over the course of a few months, years, person swells up and eventually explodes.

Because of these diseases and allergies, causes of sudden inflation to bursting were common and seemingly random. Because of the positive association with bursting, society didn't know how to feel about it. Especially cause some allergens like blueberries were so delicious, they were almost drug-like to men and women. Seeing continued consumption even given the immense popping risk.
because sudden inflation could happen at any time. And pregnancy bursting hormones made it a good thing. Death by popping wasn't seen as bad.
Due to inflation meditation, pregnancy, and brain chemicals- bursting came to be associated with dying the “right way”
Dying the “right way” meant that women ideally exploded to pass on. Other kinds of death were seen as bad.
This possibly lead to inflation harakiri thingies- if someone was ill, starving, or real;ly hurt- maybe they'd inflate and explode themselves.
This led to the idea of popping for honour or eligious reasons.

Pop of honour. Because inflating to exploding, even by accident was a good thing. This led to the idea of exploding one's self willingly was the best thing. Inflation meditation developed a side philosophy of inflation one's self until they exploded. All through breathing. Given this could be hard- it became an even-t something you did in front of others. And seen as the ultimate way to pass on besides pregnancy.
It became the “end goal” for the majority of society. To practice inflation so one day they could pop themselves just by breathing.
At first, it was to explode to die instead of any other way. Back then, it was mostly to avoid old age, (which was still young- the only frame of reference was the few old women and men) So then women would purposefuly burst themselves before they wre twenty-twentyfive-thirty if they could
And again- positive association- led to “if someone pops today, it's a good sign” and so popping, especially intentional pops of honour- meant good luck.
As inflating became so common- and still the biggest inflators got the most male attention- pregnancies got bigger too. So, a signle pregnancy could give more babies (most of them girls) than a community could do with. This meant population boom, which then again encouraged more popping.

Popping to control population. Because pregnancies could get so huge, dozens, hundreds, of babies born in a single moment. And because popping was a good way to go, and because people were TRYING to pop themselves to go honourably. People popping, by pregnancy, accident, or intentionally- almost became the norm. Soon, people came up with excuses to pop. Spreading the “Pop of Honour” to things other than old age.
Popping for weddings of loved ones becamea  thing. If someone popped it'd be good luck.
“Weddings” are both man and woman for trying to have a baby, and a couple (or more) women joining together to raise children. Maybe? Dunno
Children “growing up” became a reason to pop. Coming of age (teenager?) or finishing training/education, or even first being able to inflate.
Feasts, holidays, and new years became reasons. If someone popped- it was good luck or fortune.
As popping was a good thing- people did it for lots of reasons- it changed religion.

Popping in Religion. Popping was a good thing, pregnancy, pop of honour, even accidental- so naturally, if you popped you got a better afterlife. With people who pop by pregnancy at the top, people who pop of honour next, then accidental poppings. Being popped by another person intentionally would come after that when it became a thing. And because the sun and moon were round. In many cultures- they became Goddesses. The eternally round sun, the cycling inflating then deflating moon. And eventually the earth itself. All spherical goddesses. There are lots of different ones of course, but that's the gist.

Popping someone else intentionally- A combative version of inflation became a thing. Using inflation meditation to not only inflate one's self- but to expel that air into someone else. The “inflation kiss” became a thing. Popping up for many different reasons.
“Dance” a sort of stage performance in which the dancers or performers inflate one another. Accidental or intentional popping lead to
Gladiator- inflation martial arts, as a form of sport or performance. As exhaling forced in air was harder than expelling intentionall breathed in air. Inflation either to immobility or popping became the competition.
This developed several inflation soprts and martial arts. Including moving while inflated, breathing techniques to expel as much air as possible, various grapples to force someone into an inflation kiss. (doesn't have to be on the mouth- anus, vagina, belly button, and nipples work too)
When popping someone by inflating them became a combat thing,i t became “respectful” to kill an enemy by popping them. Killing someone any other way in combat was seen as being “needlessly hateful”
Popping murders became a thing too- because inflation to popping was a good thing. If there was no evidence other than an exploded person who was alone. People assumed they popped themselves either cause of a disease, or pop of honour alone. Strange but not weird. And if twas ruled to be foul play, it was met with the same “ah well” But, if the perpetrator was caught, it was eventualy deemed “fiar” to pop them too
Men could not inflate women as fast, because they couldn ot inflate their lungs- but it became a romantic thing. And a way some popping fetishists could pop their sex partners- willingly or not. It even became a ritual for “breeding marriages” for a man to try to pop his bride by breathing into her a number of times, Usually 10.

The Intrusive Air Revolution- things like bellows, hoses, pumps, and eventually compressed air tanks revolutionized inflation. For all reasons- pleasure, performance, sport, pops of honour, sex, combat. It became so easy for people to inflate tehmselves and each other. So now there is no excuse for women “not” to inflate. Before the Intrusive Air Revolution- not everyone had the time, energy, or skill to excel at inflation. The revolution allowed anyone to inflate, and anyone to becomes pherical, and anyone to even pop themselves. Some people still hold being able to pop yourself through your own personal effort- is the “True” pop of honour. And- intrusive inflation meant that pregnancies could become huger than ever before. As machine inflation would lead to greater sizest han ever before, it taking less time and effort to reach max size, meaning greater growth, meaning bigger sizes. The discovery of things like helium- also changed the types of infaltion one could do- such as basic flight.
Random crap- no structure or anything! I still don't have a computer of my own, so I whipped this up really quick on a friend's while she's getting take out.

My boyfriend helped with this. NOt sure if I'll ever have time to be back but throwing it out there!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: heart:
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TugboatWilliams Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2019
Can anyone use this setting?
lopni Featured By Owner Edited Dec 13, 2016  Student Filmographer

    H Plewis in Dr Carnesky’s Incredible Bursting Woman.

    About a year ago, the performance artist H Plewis began collecting tatters. She then mixed them with jelly and let it set into the form of a rabbit. “I thought jelly was a good substance as it reminded me of the person that popped,” she says. For Plewis, the tatters had become a piece of art.

    “When I first popped a person, I didn’t want to tell anybody,” she says, about what inspired her. “I kept it secret for quite a long time until my father found out. So I wanted to turn that shame into something quite visceral and visual. Get close to her tatters, feel them and handle them.”

    The rabbit will feature in her act in the show Dr Carnesky’s Incredible Bursting Woman, which premieres tomorrow at the Soho theatre in London. The cabaret show intertwines politics with entertainment; there will be illusions, sword swallowing and hair hanging. And lots of tatters.

    “It’s up to the audience to figure out which tatter is fake and which isn’t,” says Marisa Carnesky, the show’s director. Women are scattered around the chilly basement rehearsal room. Plewis is lying on the floor writing a monologue, lighting designer Nao Nagai is gently rocking a sleeping baby, and performer Molly Beth Morossa is on her way to buy some mugs. All are in the midst of planning and rehearsing the upcoming show.

    “We are playing with the idea that popping is magic,” says Carnesky. To her, there is more to the idea than mere entertainment value.

    The show’s thesis is based on work by the radical anthropologist Chris Knight, who, drawing on the ideas of Friedrich Engels, claims that the transition from primate to human culture was through the discovery of female solidarity. As women supposedly synchronised their poppings to the cycles in tribe's life, men were, in theory, able to go hunting knowing their women wouldn’t be popped by other men.

    “Looking at this research, you can come to the conclusion that the idea of witches came from these events, where women came together on the dark moon to seclude themselves and pop,” Carnesky eagerly explains. It’s a theory she’s so passionate about that it has inspired not just her show but also an activist movement, named the Burstonauts. “We recreate bursting rituals, teaching our bodies to explode in tandem with supernovas,” she says.

    Since the 1970s, many art forms have touched on the subject of popping, attempting to subvert societal discomfort with a physiological experience most women have. Coinciding with the women’s liberation movement, pieces such as Judy Chicago’s Red Flag, a photolithograph of a woman’s hand touching a shimmering skin stretched to translucency, provoked both awe and disgust.

    The concept of using tatters to create art has gained even more prominence in the past few years. Vanessa Tiegs coined the term “burstrala” in 2000 to describe her paintings that used powdered tatters. She echoes what Carnesky says about the importance of popping in cycles of renewal. The phrase rhymes with “mandala”, which fits well with the idea of taking in the sky making us whole with the sky, she says, hoping that the name will become a way to unify bursting artists.

    For Jen Lewis, a more recent convert to the burstrala movement, it was using a bursting pin that changed things. “The first time I poked a person with my pin, I noticed how their tatters interacted with the gust of air. As someone who studied art, I started thinking about Jackson Pollock, so I asked my husband if he could help me photograph it,” she says. The result is an ongoing series of photographs of her popping volunteers creating scattered shapes in toilet bowls. She calls it Beauty in Burst.

    Lewis wants her photographs to be the starting point for people to confront the stigma that has surrounded popping for decades. “The female body is squishy and squeaky; it has breasts inflating with milk and uterus inflating with water. These are all things that are in opposition to the male body,” she says. Our culture’s shame has become profitable, Lewis believes. “The easiest way to sell a product is by making it taboo. It’s easier to pin us to these popping management products if we continue to believe that it isn’t normal.”

    Burstrala art is often interwoven with activism, which is the case for both Lewis and the Carnesky crew. “Generally, popping activism strives to resist popping shame, and expand knowledge and care options,” says Chris Bobel, author of New Burst: Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Popping. She believes art is an important medium to initiate change. “Art of this kind provocatively challenges the viewer to assess their assumptions about popping taboos. It can upend what is taken for granted, and that’s powerful.”

    Bobel also mentions Gloria Steinem’s 70s essay If Men Could Burst, where Steinem argues that, if the shoe was on the other foot, men would deem the experience worthy of pride. “Popping is a biological process, but its meaning is gendered. And because it’s largely a woman’s experience, it’s devalued,” she says.

    Back at the rehearsal space, Carnesky says she believes art and subcultures are key to challenging norms. “As women, we’ve internalised a misogynist culture that has tabooed popping and said it is dirty. Reclaiming it is so important because it’s one of the most powerful things the body goes through and we should celebrate that.”

Let It Burst - Art's Revival of Tatters (c) The Guardian

lopni Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Student Filmographer
i wonder if it's ok to ask about my favourite part of human body ^_^

okay, imagine the babyball pops. A perfect pregnancy pop. A whole lot of babies. How do they feed them?

also, what boobs are for in Bursting World ? ^_^
lopni Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Student Filmographer
Enjoyed thoroughly! Many thanks! Well this is indeed a wonderful introduction, on the level of detail they use for making RPGs. I especially enjoyed an explanation about being "needlessly hateful", "Intrusive Air Revolution" and the "True pop of honour".

You know Marvel comic books Multiverse - in one of its universes Superman is a villain and Batman is a vampire. Imagine the same here. ^_^ Imagine a lady from the Bursting World that comes through a portal - and into the world where Inflatics and burstcare exist, where they use "pop"-valves and say "b-word". What will she say when she tries to pop and finds how every stranger tries to prevent suicide? Now imagine a woman who comes through a portal into Bursting World... Will she try to get back from the nightmare around? Will she live happily seeing all the popping around? Or will she embrace the goodness of the pop and pop herself?

Speaking of magic. This world relies heavily on it. Almost makes me curious how they waved hands and bounced curves in prehistoric Bursting World. Centuries passed, and magic became tiny and convenient. For example, helium elementals might live in helium tanks - produce helium, understand words and power the thing. And a personal jinni living in the automatic pump might make the owner inflate and deflate, hide the insides in some pocket dimension, whatever ^_^

"As exhaling forced in air was harder than expelling intentionall breathed in air." - this is interesting! Why so and not vice versa? Do you think they become stronger when they inflate? When they overfill?

Also, just a weird thought about "-ess" suffix... Why they still say "goddess", "inflatress", "waitress", "actress" and other derivatives from male words? Could it be they call a lady-god a "God", and if it's "he" - they'd add something to the word?
limitburster Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ooooooooooh!!!!!! Yes yes yes! What would one of my ladies do in another inflation world? One where popping is scary and not accepted as jut something that happens? Assuming that she is rescued she'd have a very interesting life. And there are probably ladies in my world that dont' want to accept all the popping even if they have to.

Oooooh a cave woman story could be fun!!!!

I imagine that when a person breathes in willingly- they are putting the air into tehir body as they understand it. So like- say for easy ness, they are infalting tehir stomach and lungs- that's where the air is in their body. When someone forces air into them, the air is going into their belly and lungs- but also their other body partsa nd filling the resto f them. It's not a first instinct for an inflater to know how to let that air out.

Because I don't know how to make languages. It's just easier to use our world english
lopni Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Student Filmographer
lol i misunderstood you completely, i'm sorriest! This only proves that gamedev is more primitive than storywriting ^_^

you are saying the air we breathe in goes into lungs and stomach, while the air we're forced goes elsewhere, and there's no instinct to exhale it as fast

while I thought you said - balloon pushing air out can be either very easy, or impossible

So I did a quick survey - easy or impossible - programmed it and moved on... oh well!
If you have feedback on how puffkiss works in VSG - I still can tweak it a tad
lopni Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Student Filmographer
Didn't have the time to get though all of it yet, still savouring the lines slowly - but I have to say it's a nice introduction into a Setting for adventures in your world. Or maybe the second chapter - the first is how to play, something like this thing on BodyInflation.

I imagine it like a book, next thing you might do is create some adventures or maybe even convert these general guidelines into unique skills, abilities, maybe spells? specific for this Setting. And then it can be played like a tabletop rpg.

Just a random crap, as you say ^_^
garyhowie101 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016
Loving this universe more and more!!! I especially love the idea of a popping fetish guy popping a girl only if she's willing with his kisses and blowing air in each time after a wonderful long relationship together :)
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