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spongebob over water

hahahaha, spongebob haters beware.

I was inspired>> [link] certain aspects of her squidward and spongebob were just toooooo awesome to pass up!

I can totally picture pat wearing sandals over socks though. 8D


spongebob squarepants (c) nick
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My laugh in reality

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They look amazing I especially love spongebob
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Could Patrick's purple shirt possibly be a nod to the whole "I LOVE BEING PURPLE!" thing?
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I love this
but as I watch the show I realize he is a manchild
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Yes, an actual well planned human version of spongebob.
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Squidward finally has hair!
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SpongeBob is so cute! Everyone is! :3
Except for Squidward. He's not cute. But I like the idea of Squidward as that grumpy old man across the street. 😋
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Not as good as regular sponge bob but still you did good
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Oops wrong comment sorry but you are right though
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XD who else got bored and looked up "spongebob"
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lostflame41's avatar this i like
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First off squidward is not that old
Second Patrick doesn't wear a t shirt
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dude... dude... you got me. you got me. 
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squdward is old....

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strangly It reminds me of Monster House
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