Frustration aka me being dumb (again)

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Hey hey everyone who stumbled onto this probably by pure accident;

so, let me get straight to the point;

Lately I have been, kinda frustrated with my art, specifically my shading and style. Now I don't mean that I think it looks like complete utter trash (most of the time at least) but it's more of a personal thing.

I practice a lot, be it digital or traditional art but lately I have been looking at the finished product and was just thinking "this style really doesnt appeal to me".

Which is rich, considering its my own art style. Go figure, I know.

With the shading as well, I know comparing yourself to others is a slippery slope but I cannot help and see speedpaints or tutorials where I am blown away by the shading and in comparison, I really dislike mine. Worst thing there being , I cant pin-point just what exactly bugs me about it subjectively.

So, has anyone come across this kind of frustration as well (probably)? How did yall deal with it and if there are any great shading tutorials you can find, feel free to link em, maybe I'll pick up something useful.

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