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Perry the Platypus Cubee

Yo, LimeTH here with another Cubeecraft template.

Perry the Platypus, the semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action! This ones a bit of a cheat compared to my other cubees. Instead of being traced like the Azumanga cubees or drawn from scratch like Danbo and most of the other cubees I only bothered putting up on the Cubee network website, this one uses bits and peices of official art and other cubees. Call me lazy if you want, but I can't draw Perry to save my life, so I guess this'll have to do. So enjoy anyway!

Next up will probably be either Yuki Nagato or Chiyo-ChiChi.

All art copyright to Disney and Phineas and Ferb.
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MariiCreations93's avatar
I'm gonna try it :3 thank you!!
yaheloma's avatar
hope you can make a phineas and ferb too... :) <3 
PerryGirl2001's avatar
does it work? have you actually made it?  I'm asking so I can make one for my friend for her birthday!
LimeTH's avatar
Yes and yes. 
RonRebel's avatar
can you create a Ferb one?
you are a amazing lol
JuJu-Beezy's avatar
Anarchy-Nakiwarai's avatar
What is the thing on the left? ^^;
LimeTH's avatar
What thing? His legs or the brim of his hat?
Anarchy-Nakiwarai's avatar
Oh I see it now. They are his legs. ^^;
clau016's avatar
AWESOME!!! love it ♥
thanks a lot!!!! i love perry!!!!!!!!!!
PrincessWithinia's avatar
I wanna do this, but I havent got the patience to cut it out xD... LOL ... AWESOME work!
Tuksa's avatar
ooo its hard
flaky23's avatar
it perry the platapuse
leovexx's avatar
I need make that!!
nathan1987's avatar
my son is gunna love this as he is 5 and is well in to his cartoons specialy these guys :) thannnnnnnnnnk yoooooou.
Doujinshi-Ka's avatar
PEERRRY!! :heart: Can't wait to try it out! Awesome!
wampris's avatar
Ohh perry in papercraft
oh thanks
pinkfloydsgurl's avatar
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