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Danbo Cubeecraft


Lately I've been getting into papercraft, especally Cubeecrafts. Since Danbo/Cardbo from Yotsuba&! is basically a walking Cubeecraft in himself, I decided to make a Cubeecraft template for him.

EDIT: Heres a photo of the finished result for those of you having trouble building Danbo. [link]

I'm extremely proud of this template, how much of a success it's been, and how happy it's made thousands of people all over the net. I hope you guys continue to enjoy it in the future. :)

Danbo has reached 100 favorites! To celebrate, I will be releasing the two Danbo variations that were previously only available on the cubeecraft network onto Deviantart for your cutting and folding pleasure!

Amazon Japan Danbo
Glowing Eyes Danbo

I'm finding this template all over the internet without credit to me, and I figured it was time for a tiny update. I have added in my username and websites to the proper section of the template. The template itself is unchanged (except for a new credit tag logo thing), but the picture itself is smaller, and comes with a Cubeecraft styled 3D image of the finished product.

I am consistently blown away by how insanely big this template has become. What was originally just a for-fun project has become a huge hit throughout the net. Thanks to everybody for enjoying this template so much!
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Mind elaborating?
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I love it great work!
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is that the full pattern of it??
i'm still confuse..
how about the feet??
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The long bit to the left are the legs. It's one peice.
ardyliciouce's avatar
one piece?
i'm a lil bit confuse since i found so many danbo patterns on net..
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You fold the four parts into a box shape then insert it into the bottom.
ardyliciouce's avatar
well, that's great..

:D :D

will u donate some, and i will do a favor..

:D :D
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probably the cutest thing I've ever seen, thank you!
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hey! thank you for this. I made mine, here it is --- [link]
I change the formation of the hands, I taped it with double sided. thanks again dude.
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Thank you so much!
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This is so cute! :)
Thanks for sharing :}
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Thanks for this! :D
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Cardbo: Everyone's favourite cardbo--... I mean, everyone's favourite robot friend! ...Yeah, that's right. Everyone's favourite ROBOT friend. Not cardboard; robot!
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Ohhh Nice ncie nice!!

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mind if i change the color to pink or blue, etc.?
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I dont see why not.
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reinforced with glue! made with printer paper. and purple. haha when it dries i will take a picture and show it to you.
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for myself. XD not to repost.
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