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Alia by Limesparrow Alia :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 4 2 aethrin jade by Limesparrow aethrin jade :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 3 0 tilly and coco by Limesparrow tilly and coco :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 4 0
frosted daisies [part 4]
Noctrine Forest is vastly different from the gardens Ames and Daisy just arrived from.
It's so dark that their pupils dilate, trying to catch whatever light they can--phosphorescent light is all well and good, but the trail they're following is torn earth and churned branches. Any moss or mushrooms that were once glowing have been too badly damaged to provide them any light, and the dim glow off the side of the trail hardly does anything for two citybirds who aren't used to the dark.
Ames can sharpen their Perception, and that helps a little, but their ears are still ringing from that earlier attack and it's messing with their focus something fierce. The two of them are quiet, now paws stepping soft and gentle against the ruined underbrush. Neither of them are adept thieves or stealthy birds - Daisy is, in fact, aggressively loud at the best of times - but they're cautious and tired from tears and worry.
Daisy's tail is held low, her ears drooping, but there's a glint of determination
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flowery gorl by Limesparrow flowery gorl :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 3 0 she sits by Limesparrow she sits :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 4 0 cute dragon ladie by Limesparrow
Mature content
cute dragon ladie :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 2 0
frosted daisies [part 3]
Trying to catch up to a great hulking beast is a challenge, let alone trapping it.
Ames and Daisy haven't given up so much as stopped to take a breather and plan out how this is even going to work. Frosty, as she's been summarily dubbed for her pale coloration and the Frostfall scarf Ames saw in her hoard, has squeezed herself into a nigh impenetrable chunk of crystals that the beast is scratching and scratching and scratching at. They have a bit of time. Only a bit.
"Where do you think it came from?" Daisy asks, hands on her head as she breathes with forced slowness. "There's no way something like that just popped out of the ground, right? Right? Someone had to have brought it here. Why would anyone bring it here!" She pauses to stretch, all her toes flexing as she reaches for them, and when she pops back up she's right back to talking. "Or maybe it was a kitbull once. Or it swam across the Seas? That would make it so tough, wouldn't it? That's so hard to do... and dangerous. But if i
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frosted daises [part 2]
Ames told Daisy this was dangerous. Ames told her, and now the two of them are sprinting after a massive golden beast with wicked horns and lush fur and Daisy's new kitbull friend in its maw.
"Oh no oh no oh no," they can hear Daisy shrilling as they run. The beast is near impossible to keep up with. Even with Ames' strength from the fighting pits and Daisy's years of exercise, they're just barely keeping it in line of sight. "What is that?"
Ames only shakes their head, breath puffing as they run. They don't know, and they don't have the lung capacity to shout and sprint at the same time. Daisy's too busy panicking to mind. "We have to do something! We have to!" As they move, the land is shifting around them. It's still wide, rolling plains and massive crystals, but gorgeous flowers and thick pollen are starting to appear. Ames crushes petals underfoot and doesn't have time to feel bad.
"Ames, please, we're never going to catch up!" she yelps, and Ames knows that's true. Unless
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illusory treats
"Who's this?"
Lunapop has no idea how he's gotten here. He hasn't the foggiest. He doesn't know how or why, but he's sure the cards led him here. The fates are aligned, and they've nudged him to this beautiful planet of rolling plains and chunky crystals that radiate energy. And, of course, there's the little kitbull in front of him, wheezing and vibrating. They're staring at each other, the two of them, Lunapop blinking and the kitbull's eyes wide and puppylike and unmoving.
It squeaks again, and Lunapop startles. "What?" he says. "Do you know why I'm here? Have you seen anyone else?" Wheeze squeak squeak. It's a very pretty kitbull, really, dark and cute with that vibrant patch of blue. It's got that neat little horn, too, a unicorn horn! Lunapop's like a unicorn, too, and he feels a weird sort of kinship.
"...You have no idea, do you?" Another series of squeaks. The kitbull rolls over and reveals its belly. "Not a clue! You can't even talk." Lunapop kneels down on the ground to give
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sketchy piper by Limesparrow sketchy piper :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 3 2 kitty dress by Limesparrow kitty dress :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 0 0
frosted daisies
Daisy always seems to be ready and raring to go for some kind of adventure, and Ames can't help but get pulled along. They're stuck in her orbit at this point, the blaze of her crest. Those hearts spiraling out of her magical core ain't for nothing, Ames can tell you that right off.
The trip for today seems like they're going to--"Novis! Amerobin, have you been checking the news? All the kitbulls are in trouble. We have to go help, we've gotta! They're /so cute,/ we just gotta chip in."
"But," Ames mumbles, so quiet Daisy doesn't quite hear them.
"And maybe we can find a kitbull of our own! You know I've been looking for something to have running around the ship. They're so soft and fuzzy, too, and those big ole eyes! So glittery!"
"Daisy," they try again, a little louder.
Not loud enough, though. She's always a little deaf when she gets going on something. "And maybe we could pick up some of those crystals, too? We could use some to power the ship. I know we're running low. Like, okay
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Frosty And Daisy by Limesparrow Frosty And Daisy :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 0 0 flees flees flees by Limesparrow flees flees flees :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 2 0 sup by Limesparrow sup :iconlimesparrow:Limesparrow 4 0


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