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This is the final cover image for "Limelight: Dreadwind." Please note that the logo is off-center to the left to allow for the page trimming that took place on the right edge when it was printed.

Story by :iconloganprime:

Lines by :icongantzrunner:

Colors by :icontheminttu:
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Loved the whole comic 8D
Really amazing art and great story!
VeluchiPaste's avatar
I've got an odd liking for Dreadwind, I'm not sure why. It's probably something to do with all those years of reading him answering letters in the old, British comics years ago.
Also, I'm mighty fond of his head, for some reason.
Novastorm73's avatar
Wow, that was excellent. Art and coloring was very good and a style to my liking. The story, however, was very engaging and moved along well with no lulls. Just enough dialogue to learn about the characters but not too wordy anywhere. A good balance.

Little easter eggs here and there. I always like to see Motormaster, even if only briefly. That was some good use of many un-used characters. Heck, you have even made the Firecons interesting! I used to have Darkwing and Dreadwind 20 years ago but this is the first time I wish I still had them.

Speaking of having, I would like to have this comic in hand. As a team, you have pulled off a great piece of fiction that should be published along with the other IDW Spotlights.