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Hai (Shark) or Hi Alice (German pun)

This is a little german word joke

A Fish said to his partner Hi but the partner understand Hai! ( in english "shark!" ) and says where because the partner think a shark is behind him

Alice belongs :iconestories:

Lime Dream belongs :iconlimedreaming:
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we have that one in Dutch to.
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Ich glaub der witz wird niemals alt :D
LimeDreaming's avatar
solang es die deutsche sprache gibt nein ^^
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Oh. XD I get it. :D 

This is great! 
EStories's avatar
The joke doesn't work in English, but it made me laugh xD German jokes 4tw? xD
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omg thats such a cheesy joke, not bad :P 
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omg XD Thats so funny! I am afrikaans but a shark is a Haai in afrikaans so i totally get the joke XD
thasbrony's avatar
yeh mostly dutch x3
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lol yeah XD You wouldn't believe here in richardsbay at the beach 2 idiots were swimming where the sharks normally were then there was a shark coming up from behind and the other shouted HAAI! And the guy was stupid enough to think he was saying hi and it turns out it was some random dude in a shark costume you should have seen the guy face when he finally realized that te other guy ment there was a shark behind him XD it was hilarious when he screamed like a girl and when he was out of the water he realized it was just some random dude and he was swearing like there was no tomorrow
thasbrony's avatar
haha thats awesome ^^ 
GlimmeringAngel26's avatar
Yep and it taught that careless idiot a lesson too! XD
thasbrony's avatar
true, dont assume ppl are greeting you you're  not that important XD
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