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Hassan Of Serenity (FGO) TG Sequence

By Lime-TG
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Requested by M1yago, Hope you enjoy! 
Tried out a different shading technique on this one! Takes a lot longer, but I think it'll lead to much better results down the line. 
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now that is super cute

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Very nice lime, After these series of Requests i have a bunch of ideas for a game that recently came out for commissons OWO

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I love fate, hope to see more sequences

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Two fate ones in a row, nice.

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Yooo out of curiosity, did you do some research on the character? Because what comes out of the mask looks a lot like poison and in lore, her body is filled with it and it's kind of her thing, so it would actually be a smart way to do the sequence
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Not enough to know that lol. I did search her up on google and danbooru, and check some of her lines on youtube, but the poison thing is a total coincidence. I'm happy you liked it though! Thanks for all the support so far!

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No worries~ I'm looking forward to more art~ Do you still take requests btw?
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Sorry but I'm not taking any more requests right now, still got a few I wanna catch up with, and then I'll probably switch to commissions.

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Alright, no problem~ It's fine by me because I'd love to ask for a commission at some point!
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So glad to see Serenity in the mix as well!!

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First Okita Alter now Serenity, These are pretty Good would love to see Frankenstein and Mordred

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Oh, oh, I want that mask too <3

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Holy crap, I love this! Great work!

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Sorry I am such amateurs that I don't see difference in style. Beautiful work like always. It look like there are no mental changes this time which make it much funnier.

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Yo this is killer!

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Yay Serenity! God she deserves head pats!
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Wow so awesome art
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Oh my god, this is so great, thank you so much! It feels super impactul, I love it~
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