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Spirit of the Northern Forest by LimbicSplitter Spirit of the Northern Forest by LimbicSplitter

Pencil, watercolor, white acrylic paint.

Wicked Hisi heard these measures,
Juntas listened to their echoes;
Straightway Hisi called the wild-moose,
Juutas fashioned soon a reindeer,
And the head was made of punk-wood,
Horns of naked willow branches,
Feet were furnished by the rushes,
And the legs, by reeds aquatic,
Veins were made of withered grasses,
Eyes, from daisies of the meadows,
Ears were formed of water-flowers,
And the skin of tawny fir-bark,
Out of sappy wood, the muscles,
Fair and fleet, the magic reindeer.
Juutas thus instructs the wild-moose 

   Kalevala, Rune XIII

Horned God it’s a archetypical figure in Indo-European mythology, he is associated with nature, forest, beasts, hunting. We can find a antlered figure of “Cernunnos” on the celtic Gundestrup Cauldron and “Beast Master” on the 420 Mohenjo-daro seal in Pakistan.
In the Saami mythology that inspired with the spirit of the north totemic sacred deer Mändash (MÄNDAŠI) patronizes hunting as a Myandash-anng, “given”. It means that the compassionate animal spirit gives itself up as a food to Saami people.   
In the epic poetry of Kalevala compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Karelian and Finnish oral folklore and mythology bad and secret places, untouched by the hand of a man named “Hiisi”. In Poems 13-14, Lemminkäinen pursues the chief Hiisi’s elk. The concept of the essence of Hiisi comes from the pre-Christian beliefs, originally denoting sacred localities and later on various types of mythological entity. In Estonian, hiis still carries the primary meaning of a sacred grove. As a mythological character, Hiisi meant the evil master of the forest, giant or spirit, sheltering in remote secluded places, from which came a some kinds of evil, illness and sorrows. In Christian-influenced later folklore this is a spirits are depicted as demonic or trickster-like entities, often the autochthonous, pagan inhabitants of the land.

RedLoki Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Атмосферик блэком прямо повеяло )
Классный арт.
LimbicSplitter Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Есть такое) Спасибо!
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