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Legacy Of Kain

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I'm a big fan of the Legacy Of Kain series, so I started drawing the characetrs when I was 15 or 16 years old. I await comments
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I loved that series :) 
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Not bad. :)
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yunianinjamisterss15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey u that's :iconchibi-j:'s pic u should take this pic down that's u art thefting her artwork
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My God, Raziel must be an expert in Bishonen no jutsu
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chibi-jHobbyist General Artist
Could you kindly please take this down as you have stolen my artwork and claimed it to be your own.
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VergilsBitchHobbyist General Artist
art thieves like you make me sick
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Emokat87Hobbyist Digital Artist
DAMN! kickass work, dude.
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chuckiebobphilProfessional Artist
this is awesome
Deireck's avatar
Your sorry butt has been reported, have a great day! :)
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vickie-believeStudent Digital Artist
...Thief! Don't claim this is yours!
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Looks more like Legacy of Raziel.
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razielrocksHobbyist Traditional Artist
You evil art thief
this is ChibiJ's work
at least give her some credit for it instead of claiming it yours
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supercat001Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my God you fucking thief I can't believe I almost favourited this and gave you the fucking credit!!!!
Nick-S-Proud's avatar
Holy crap there good! LOK is one of the best series of games out there, altho i still dont get BO2
Jewel-Reaver's avatar
This is an obvious art theft of ~chibi-j's!!! :x
GoddessMillenia's avatar
You are not allowed to post another person's artwork without their written permission. It's the against the Copyright Law! To make matters worse you claim that you drew this!!

This Artwork belongs to and her work is displayed on her website is here [link]

I'm going to report you and you will be banned. :banned: Their is no tolerance for Art Theft. I'm also notifying and she may choose to take more serious legal action.
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HaliestraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm, on your oath, are you sure you did this drawing?
If I remember correctly that this is a drawing of , the drawing can be found on her website [link]

I hope you will do the right thing, credit her or delete the drawing.
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Amazing! I loved the Soul Reaper games and you've rendered Raziel and Kain spectacularly. The proportions are nice, the poses are effectively moody and the color is...just wow :)
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this isnt even his work, its art theft >.> the real owner is Chibi J
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Roulette-MindedStudent Digital Artist
umm none of those are kain. thats raziel as a sarafan, wraith and vampire.
wraithbaby's avatar
rite on, pity this artwork is stolen >.>

ppl like this shud die, even tho i have no love for the original artist she does not deserve this
Roulette-Minded's avatar
Roulette-MindedStudent Digital Artist
art theft is uncool if you have the audacity to say you drew something you didnt, you need shot.
Punk-Echidna's avatar
I thought so...must've gotten confused ^_^' Great work!
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