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By Joel Adams

I have or should i say had a Facebook page that I used mostly for business reasons, and keeping in touch with fans and letting them know what I was working on. This past Tuesday, I posted to my page the new cover to the upcoming issue of NUDE because I have a new piece of art in it. I added a link to pre-order the issue and I made the cover my profile picture for the day.

I woke up Wednesday morning to find my profile picture was gone. I immediately went to my email and found a message from Facebook stating:

(read the rest and see the image that got me deleted:… )
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Yeah, I hear that on the utmost level! The gall that it takes for someone to not even take a good look at the picture or piece in question. I had to make another account and set it to private, and I warn all my friends to not be jerks, or I clean up the friends list, as it were, or just make pics visible to me since no one likes to grow up. Sorry to hear about your account. :-(