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It would appear, after much coercion by my family, that I will not be making my flight home on Tuesday, but will instead be staying for the New York Comic Con in 2 weeks... As I did not plan for this show, I am not sure what I will have, but I am sure I will come up with something. A condition on my booth space is to keep my materials... PG and G only so I will not have artwork from NUDE Magazine with me.. Though I may sneak in my devil girls ash can. :)

I will not be in Artists alley but instead be at the Neal Adams Continuity Studios booth right near the entrance of the show. Stop by and say hello.

An interesting item. GM sponsored a few new cars to be wrapped in the work of a few artists from the show... My Father, Neal Adams, was one of those chosen for the project. I worked on designing the wrap for the car for Neal using elements of his new Blood and Rise of Magic projects. The wrapped car is supposed to be parked near our booth and I am looking forward to seeing the actual car.

See you there.

October 13 - 16
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jkrolak Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
It was great getting to see you at the recent SDCC. And someday I'd love to get and visit the NYCC.

Hope you have fun at the show!
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September 29, 2011