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Summer time romance~ { Uta x Reader }
 {( Hello all, this is an author's note. i just want to warn you all this is a lime, it will have some sexual themes, but there will be no steamy hot stuff..... At least not yet~ but i am saving the lemon's once I'm used to writing Tokyo Ghoul fiction. )}
  It was finally summer, you enjoyed this season, well not really the heat, but that you were out of school for a whole four months, getting to sleep in, pulling all nighters, having sleep overs, going to the pool or the water park, and getting to have some romantic nights with your ghoul boyfriend Uta.
You were half human and half ghoul like Kankei, ( no wonder you to got along so well) so it didn't feel wrong for you and Uta to be dating. You were working your shift at the cafe that Kankei, Touka and Nishiki works, you waited on the tables and help make the coffee for the ghoul and human customers at Anteiku. 
The atmosphere there was just always nice and peaceful, you loved working there and seeing
:iconcanadian-girl17:Canadian-girl17 81 15
Kinky pervert (Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Reader)
"I can't thank you enough, Uta! If it weren't for you, I'd still have to carry at least 10 boxes."
You flashed the male ghoul beside you a bright smile as you put the carton you were carrying down on the floor next to many other moving boxes.
"Don't mention it, (f/n). We're old friends, after all, aren't we?"
Even though his words kept a kind tone, Uta's expression remained completely blank to which you couldn't but crack a small smile.
Uta hadn't changed at all since you'd seen him the last time – and that was nearly 6 years ago. He was still the nice and friendly, even if sadistic, guy with the expressionless face. Back then you'd been good friends with him, Itori and Yomo and you guys had used to constantly hang out together.
It really was a coincidence that you'd run after all those years again into your tattooed friend and your small smile turned into a wide grin as various memories about 'the good old days' with your childhood friends flashed through your mind.
"So, which c
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 526 104
Uta x reader: Drunk
Tokyo ghoul Uta x reader.
You were at the Helter Skelter bar, hanging around and taking to your friends Yomo, Itori and also your crush Uta.
You would always come around to the bar to hang out with everyone, and this time was no different.
Ok it was a lot different. This time Itori suggested a drinking game, who could drink the most and the ghoul who can still continue drinking is the winner.
Being the kind of person not to back down from a challenge, you accepted, while Uta and Yomo decided not to join, knowing this could get slightly out of hand if no one was able to keep things in check. After all who knows what could happen. Not to mention your alcohol tolerance level sucked. So why did you agree? Because of your stupid pride. That and the fact you thought it would be fun. As they say 'no point to living if things aren't interesting.'  
So now, you were in the middle of the drinking contest, Uta and Yomo were sitting back talking to each other, while you and Itori were
:iconthatrandomoverthere:ThatRandomOverThere 165 9
Kawaii Uta ( Tokyo Ghoul ) by Senju2Hell Kawaii Uta ( Tokyo Ghoul ) :iconsenju2hell:Senju2Hell 205 22 Uta no prince-sama -  Shou by Jm-dot Uta no prince-sama - Shou :iconjm-dot:Jm-dot 834 51 Revolver - Uta by dreamydark Revolver - Uta :icondreamydark:dreamydark 39 17 Uta by Anna-Knightley Uta :iconanna-knightley:Anna-Knightley 47 2
Sunrise (Uta x pregnant! Reade)
You felt warm arms wrap around your waits, so you turned your head to face Uta. He smiled at you before sitting down next to you at the housetop. “How are you feeling?” he asked with a worried look on his face.
“I’m fine. We were fine.” you answered giggling and laying your hand on your round belly.
"(Y/n), come back inside. You'll catch a chill. And so will the baby." Uta hummed, pressing a loving kiss against your cheek. He sounded sleepy and his eyes were half open.
You smiled gently, but didn't move. "Give me 10 minutes. Then I'll go back inside, I swear."
Uta just sighed. He had just woken up and was too sleepy to put up a fight which he would never won. "Why?" He moaned, his hot breath sinking into your skin, his hands around your shoulders spending you warmth.
"Because I want the baby to see the sunrise. She needs to know that the world we live in is beautiful, and that no matter how cruel life is, the sun will always turn the dark into light, into
:iconklein-k:klein-k 475 43
Uta no Prince-sama - Shou by ChinJin Uta no Prince-sama - Shou :iconchinjin:ChinJin 204 7
Gift (Uta x Reader)
You were standing in the kitchen making lots of food. Right now the turkey was ready so you could lay it on a plate. The smell of cinnamon and strawberries was filling your whole apartment. You took the turkey gently and carried it to the salon where a table stood. It wasn’t big or small. It was just normal sized. Six people could have a seat and it was more than enough. You wonder how good your food was since you couldn’t cook well. It’s because you normally don’t eat.
All those good-looking food tasted worse than shit. The only thing you could eat was human’s flesh and some coffee. Begin a ghoul is hard on days like this. All your human friends and family would eat and have fun but you have to throw everything up. If you don’t do so you would get sick and then Uta would be sad.
Suddenly the doorbell rang. “I’m coming!” you yelled as you ran towards the door. It would be a long day.
When all your friends and family arrived the litt
:iconklein-k:klein-k 278 20
Tattoo (Uta x Reader)
You were sitting on a bench before your university waiting for someone to come. Your best friend were sitting next to you and talking about the homework. She was a human just like everyone at your university. To be a ghoul between humans wasn’t easy but you liked your live. Since you can remember you were a part of the human live.
Your parents were humans and they adopted you as a child because your mother was killed by investigator. That day you ran into a just-married couple and they took you in. At first they didn’t know about you begin a ghoul. As the time passed by they got more observant so you decide to tell them. If they didn’t want you anymore you’d kill them. Luckily the human was a half-ghoul living with her human husband.
“Eh, (y/n), are you listening to me?” your best friend asks a bit annoyed.
“Yeah, sure!” you nodded your head fast.
“Sorry…” you sighed.
“Never mind. What are y
:iconklein-k:klein-k 376 19
Taste (Uta x Reader)
„Hey, Uta?“ you purred into his ear standing behind him, your arms on his shoulder.
“What is it (y/n)?” he asked without even looking at your – as usual if he was working on a mask. The two of you know each other for a long time now. Since the day your older sister had dyed you were living with him. The ghoul was all you had and all you needed.
Though your life wasn’t easy you loved it. Every day there was a beautiful moment. Even if it rain or you’re sick, every time you could look positive. This was why Uta liked you so much. You were his and only his sun.
“How long do you need?” you asked in a sing-sang voice.
“Uh… I don’t know (y/n). Why?”
“I thought we could go to Anteiku for some coffee.” you smirked letting him go. “But I see I had to go alone.”
Uta sighed making you cheer happily in yourself. You ever got what you wanted. This was your life since you and Uta lived together. But
:iconklein-k:klein-k 467 36
Uta by suicidereap Uta :iconsuicidereap:suicidereap 208 6 Uta by shazy Uta :iconshazy:shazy 221 48 Uta by ReiAyer Uta :iconreiayer:ReiAyer 354 15 Uta by shrimposaurus Uta :iconshrimposaurus:shrimposaurus 76 8





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