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10-28-17 - Nick of Time

By LilyUnsub
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Graphite, Fine Liner, Sharpie Portrait of Nick :heart: done with permission :heart:
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Canon MG5500 series
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Cute kid ^__^

His page made me look up the ABDL community a bit, because I've never had exposure to it other than "hahaha there are adult babies they're weird that's funny". The single only exposure to it I can think of, that I've ever had, was an episode of "1000 Ways to Die" where the adult baby like got their neck broken in the crib or something. And you know how that show is, they make total fools of all the victims like they had it coming or won't be missed. It's really terrible (kinda fucked up?) thinking back on it. (Oh, middle-school-self, why did you watch this terrible show...)

ABDL reminds me of the BDSM scene and its stigma, except probably even more in-the-dark and stigmatized. Since BDSM is being increasingly recognized as common and even a normal fetish to have, and is even in mainstream media (i.e. 50 Shades of Grey) etc, but ABDL really is not. It's more made fun of than anything else, and I guess I just realized that even I have that stigma in my mind without thinking about it. It's hard to take seriously for me, because of the kind of exposure (and lack thereof) to it I've had, and the fact that I've never been in a situation where I've had to consciously think about what that means. Now I have, scrolling through his page and being directly exposed to another human who is into this, so now I'm thinking about it and I think it's time to change my thinking :D Especially given my own situation with the BDSM, I need to be open to everybody's interests <3

Anyway, long paragraph short: Very nice drawing, very cute hat (I also love the selective coloring -- that's one of my favorite art styles). And thanks for sharing and linking to his page, to get me thinking outside my own box finally ^__^
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Its actually one of the most misunderstood areas. Its been part of my life being that I'm a Little (which in bdsm terms is kind of seen within the subgroup of abdl world because of the regressive ageplay elements) and that was part of my world since I was very young as a coping mechanism. But the part that is overlooked the most is that a large part of it is healing. There is a large majority of people within it who have been abused and its a form of healing. Its a 'safe' space. For me, being Little allowed me to feel safe and free from the concern of a lot of the things in the world. I was lucky enough to understand myself to the point where I can accept all these things about me and where they come from within my own life experience. I'm glad that doing this has allowed you to look into things with an open mind that you might otherwise have not considered. There is a world of uniquely beautiful feelings within it (as with all areas of bdsm for those willing to traverse them). ABDL/DDLG is to BDSM what the Trans community is to the LBGT movement. Acceptance is an eventuality. Visibility allows it to become part of the familiar which then becomes the norm. I mean, it may not be your thing, it might be an amazing thing that you end up loving. Being open without judgement is the key to figuring it out either way :heart:

Also, Nick is so insanely cute I just want to wrap him in a blanket like a sushi roll and feed him treats. Art lets people see the beautiful parts of the world, so finding people like Nick who are so beautifully themselves, the least I can do is to show them that they are appreciated, that they are such a beautiful soul who is worth art being made of them. Because being yourself in a world that wants you not to exist takes courage. Anything I can do to help others be themselves in the world, free from concern, is worth my time.
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That adds even a whole new depth/perspective to it! I didn't think of the trans/LGBT comparison, but it seems accurate. ABDL is probably definitely not "my thing", but that doesn't mean I can't open up to and learn about it and embrace it in others :D I'm glad you're accepting of that part of yourself! Given the bigger stigma than general BDSM, that seems even harder and puts my "Accepting" post to shame.

You, yourself, are a beautiful soul ^__^ You have such beautiful perspective of the world and seem so kind and supportive to others <3 Glad I found you on here :D
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hehe, its literally the Little view of the world, of connection, unconditional love and childlike wonder at everything as a new experience. It is why it is my 'baseline', my day-to-day and where I am able to explore all other aspects of myself and bdsm from. Its the view we all had before 'society' taught us everything terrible. :heart: I'm really really glad we connected :)
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That is super sweet :D I'm glad too!
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