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03-20-18 - Achelois

By LilyUnsub
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Graphite, Fine Liner, Sharpie.
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Canon MG5500 series
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Oh the joy to be others healing at the sacrifice of your innocence, not to mention this is not a choice but a true calling of selfless lusts
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:heart: I do what I can x
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I see where you're going, with this metaphor.. "Achelois: she who washes away pain..."  beautifully done, as always, and makes me think, which is no small feat.  And talking of small feet, I'm struck by the idea that the little girl in wellies is getting high on splashing about in puddles... an enviable lost paradise
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You writing that completely disconnected me from the art itself and allowed me to view it from the outside. I had no idea why I needed to draw it but I just felt this compulsion to do so. There has been this battle going on in my head the last few months with an addiction. I kept seeing drugs as the thing that was causing me to be able to do art and be myself (Little) and then I kept getting stuck wondering why I couldn't be myself. The irony being because I never needed them in the first place and being me IS the drug. :heart: 2 days clean. 
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Never really done drugs, so there's no way I can understand what you're going through...  I can well believe, though, that being you is all the drug you need.  And I can't believe that creativity comes in chemical form - no doubt it can work on what's already there, but the creativity is in you.  I wish you all the luck in the world.  Yes, deliberate pun..  ;) :heart:
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It can definitely take it in different directions that might otherwise have not been explored. They are all like different worlds in themselves but hopefully in the near future I won't need them to control physical difficulties. love the pun haha
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