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01-05-18 - Nox Aeterna (Acrylic on Canvas)

By LilyUnsub
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Acrylic on Canvas

My first attempt at painting
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Canon MG5500 series
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So glad to view this piece of art makes me feel like the goddess shines on xo
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I know even less about painting than I do about drawing, so we're into negative critical faculties now. The circular brush strokes turn the moon into the light at the end of the tunnel. And I hope the girl has something to sit on, otherwise she's going to fall into the abyss. Which is pretty much what I'd expect from you, whatever the medium, a kind of visual pun. I like it a lot.
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But it's also like she's being carried.  By the dark, into the light?  It's a very Lily image, anyway.
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:heart: puns are the best :D perhaps its the sky that she sits on, or the words written underneath the paint that are poured into the void... i'm really glad the light at the end of the tunnel idea came through with the circle around the moon :heart: is quite central to the base notes of the piece
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I knew it. The moon is a hole in the sky.

Excellent first attempt. I decided to try colored pencil but didn't like the way they felt, different than the charcoal I am used to, so I put them back in the box for now.
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Thank you! Aaaaaand YES, it totally is :D its actually a portal.
Understand about the coloured pencil, its quite similar to the way acrylics work on canvas tbh, lots of layering.
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portal--hole in the sky. tomato-- tomato...oh wait, that doesn't work if you don't say it out loud.

Lots of layering. I will keep that in mind if and when I get them back out.
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Though one is suggestive of a journey and the other an absent part of something... tomato tomato topato potato :heart: I've also found working with darker colours first to be the most effective too ;)
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Depends on how you look at it. A doorway is a hole in a wall. Alice’s journey starts with a hole. I am trying to think of a way to lead this to buttons and button holes because those often lead to a journey...;)
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All our stories do to be fair Love Wink/Razz 
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Start with buttons and buttons holes?

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"loosen up my buttons babe, uh huh" that was such a terrible song lol
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