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So i created a group and am looking for 1-7 people to be in it with me! so i made an app sheet, i will post the blank on in just a minute. This is my sailor Cerberus. she has a scar across her eye, several tattoos, and is often shy and reserved she like helping and healing people though. her normal weapon is her staff themed after herme's staff, it has a vine and fire climbing up it. She also has multiple personalities, if she reaches her limit points on an emotion she will change completely this is useful if she needs to fight an enemy her staff become a halberd. i will write her full bio after i get the group set up so we as a group can see if we have over lapping bg's. thank you very much and yeah, she also has abilities over both plants and fire, the can not control these things very well at all, often burning plants, homework and even ppl. plants cling and wish to be near her, she can fall asleep and way up in a cocoon of plants. When her personality switches she get complete 9control over her abilities.
more on her~ [link]
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Helllo beautiful character. ..**huggles**