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Beware of Dogs
I made this silly little sign so door-to-door salesmen would stop opening our porch door. One day (in the summer when it was warm and we keep in inside door open so the dogs can go out onto the porch and watch squirrels as they please) one of us was on our way to answer the door to talk to the salesman in question, and he opened the door before we had gotten to him. The orange spaz dog managed to get his head out and was making a ruckus and the guy panicked and damn near slammed my dogs head in the door. 
seriously, the porch door is glass, he could see that my dog was there. He could both see and hear that my dog was barking at him in a not-so-friendly way. Yet for some reason he thought it ok to open the door on his own before I could grab the dog and lock it inside. Nobody was bit, and my dog was not hurt, but it was an incident that should not have happened. It was a one time thing, but I decided to make this note for the door today after we nearly had a similar incident with a pizza-man the other day(though the pizza guy is more justified cause he was coming to knock on the inside door to deliver the pizza just as we were opening the inside door to go greet him at the porch door).
RimWorld Race 1, Kobolds
I've been in a Rimworld kick the last 2 weeks and thought I'd try to design a race. Cause I'm a weirdo and like to play with mods that add races other than humans(cause Humans are boring, ew). Of course, I have no idea how to mod anything. I'm really not very tech savy. So I'll just design some things and hope mabey one of my friends will take up modding some time. But anywho, here's a design for some Kobolds. All the body types(other than tiny) are just as they are in the game, so please don't give me a hard time about "average" being the only one with curvy ladies. Tiny is the only body type that I made, cause honestly Kobolds should be tiny.

If I ever learn how to code, these guys will be faster than humans and more likely to have the Nimble perk. But they don't hit as hard. And they're proficient miners.



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United States
Current Residence: NY
Print preference: comic sans
Favourite genre of music: anything exept rap. i realy love pop-rock
Favourite style of art: anime
Shell of choice: horse-shoe crab shell
Wallpaper of choice: anything with cats, dragons, or anime
Favourite cartoon character: scooby doo
Personal Quote: Nyamo!!!
So as everybody in the entire world knows, I'm pretty terrible at drawing people. Humans are hard for me. But I've been wanting to draw comics for ages, more specifically Nuzlocke comics. Would anybody read them at all if the main characters were not traditional humans, but anthro animals instead? That's kinda the closest I can get without it looking like garbage. :(

Anthro animals  Eurasian Wolf Person WIP by LilyuKitty1-18-21      Longtail Sheep Girl WIP by LilyuKitty1-18-21

pokemon(or similar creatures)    Ebony the Baaschaf by LilyuKitty1-18-21   Bidoof 1 by LilyuKitty1-18-21    Amuara by LilyuKitty1-18-21

my sad attempt at humans   Tablet practice by LilyuKitty1-18-21   Sunny and her Eevee Quest by LilyuKitty1-18-21



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Thank you for the +fav on  Prickly Wyrm by SmallNaughtyOrc  
LilyuKitty1-18-21 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018
no problem.
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LilyuKitty1-18-21 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018
Thanx! I haven't had new watchers in ages cause I haven't been that active. But in the last week after adding these Uranium mons, I've gotten 2! 
These are the pokemon that have been caught in a Nuzlocke run that I'm doing in tandem with someone else.
MinoesTheKitty Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! I draw alot of Uranium aswell, its one of the things that really inspire me uwu
LilyuKitty1-18-21 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018
It's Pokemon with a darker twist, that thing that a lot of long-time fans want to see cause we aren't small children anymore. I've been around since gen 1 and have loved every core game and most spin-offs. But Uranium is the only fan-made one I've played.
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thank you so much for the favorite <3
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pokemon is everything
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for me it is. I live for pokemon games.
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