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Zuko - HONOR

Print is available at…
Someone stole the artwork, removed my signature, and sold it on various sites without my permission, so I added a watermark... Thank you for your understanding. 

Prince Zuko and his honor

Parody of HOPE poster
Character from Avatar the Last Airbender
Fanart by me

Questions? You can reach me at

More at
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I always see this one at Nakakon, I need to buy it one of these times.
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Hopefully I make it back next year :' ) 
I would love to buy one!

But how will this work out? Are you shipping internationally or...?
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It depends on where the destination is : ] Please ping me at
WickedOperator's avatar
Hi, great work! Am I still able to get a print for myself?
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Thanks for reaching out! Currently I'm not shipping Internationally... Feel free to email for more information. Happy new year!
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Bought this at NDK and I love it so much! 
SteelDemon1612's avatar
Are prints still available to buy?
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Yes, it's at or ping me at
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Is it still possible to buy a print?
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Thanks, I messaged you!
Is there anyway to be able to buy a print of this?? I love it so much ;-; I live in the Philippines tho is that possible?
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I realized I'm almost a year late in response... but if you are still interested, please ping me at
I would love to buy one
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Thanks, I messaged you!
Hey! I Love this art and would like to buy a print, but I live in Brazil, is it possible?
lilythescorpio's avatar
Thanks, I messaged you!
How can i get this, with out the watermark? I want to print it and put it up my wall, its very cool,gj
Hey hun is there anyway I can have a print of this?? Absolutely obsessed, want to give it to a friend for their birthday
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Thanks! sorry I'm so late in response... I messaged you.
Accidentally commented on an old post- (sorry) would love to buy a print though!
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Thanks for the comment! I messaged you :D
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