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A Future Long Forgotten

The last time I did this, all of the timing between the audio and video were off. I think something happened when dA was trying to re-encode the video. Hopefully this will work out better.


I present to you my Senior Project!

All of the imagery was done by me. The animations were drawn out by hand either on sketchbook first and then scanned in or completely on the computer with a tablet. I used Easy Paint Tool SAI for the coloring and layered frames, then bought it to Photoshop to link it all together into an animation. The backgrounds were my own photographs that I manipulated in Photoshop to make them look more cartoony. I also took multiple photomanipulations and cut/pasted them to build up this fantasy world.

The music was done by Jonathan Hurter, a fellow Senior at Stetson University. He composed the music specifically for this project. The video will also be used in his Senior Portfolio.

The story here is the latter portion of a novel I have been working on for about eight years now. Maybe this summer my new project will be to start recreating my story like this and compose the music myself as I have learned recently how to work with MIDI in both Garage Band and Logic.
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O.o i dident know you could put videos on here. vary good by the way. ^w^
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I had to fill out a form and show this to them before I could be accepted and permitted to upload it here.
And thanks! :dummy:
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This is really cool :iconthumbsupplz:
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Hahah! I win this time, DeviantArt! The video uploaded. There is only one issue I see but it times with the music so it can stay.
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