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There is usually a distinct difference between what I am working on and what I should be working on.  I should be doing some City of Heroes art.  I started a drawing one of the Carnival of Shadows illusionists awhile back, just because they look so awesome.  I also should be doing a portrait of my main character.  I finally got to 50 with her and no character should be capped without a proper portrait.

What should I REALLY be working on?  I have a few Gemstone IV commissions that need to be finished.  Commissions come before personal projects, right?  I'll get to those.  I promise.

What am I actually working on?  Well.  A friend of mine forced me to try out Pirates of the Burning Sea.  I have been playing non-stop since the opening of the pre-boarding period.  I decided I needed a forum avatar over there.  Clearly, the creation of a 100x100 pixel graphic requires a 1600x1600 character portrait to be done.  So, in a flurry of inspiration, I am hoping to have a nice portrait of Captain Anna Corbeau done in the next week or so.  I finished the sketch in the space of a night... which is nothing short of a miracle.  Then, I will get back to the GSIV work.  I promise.  Really.

(Seriously though, the artistic momentum is rare.  If the muse tells me to draw French Privateers instead of Half-Elven Rogues, so be it.)
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January 22, 2008


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