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The problem with having this journal so prominently displayed is that it makes it really obvious when I haven't been updating.  

I set a goal of doing more art this year.  So far, I've come up a little short.  However, I've finally got a new piece ready to go and posted.  I've been working on that Carnival of Shadows Illusionist (from City of Heroes) on and off for a long time.  It's pretty gratifying to finish it after all of this time.  The bonus is, while it certainly isn't perfect... I'm very proud of it.  I'm definitely quite happy with the way it turned out.  This may have finally unseated the Blue Cyborg as my favorite piece.

What I really enjoyed was finally doing something with a lot of little details and embellishments... and working in bold colors that weren't blue.  I'm always struggling with making my shadows deep enough.  I think I made some progress there too on this piece.

So what's next?  I have an idea for some more Marvel fan art that has been bouncing around in my head for a good, long time.  However, what I really need to do is cook up a good illustration to feature on the disgustingly-overdue rebuild of my website.  Wish me luck!
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zerry Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Good luck! :#1: Looking through your gallery and I'm amazed at the quality of your work, so I'm eager to see more! =D
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