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The Mirror Alone - Gemstone IV



This is a portrait of an Elven Queen from the long-running MUD, Gemstone IV.  This was my entry for their 2017 Elven Art Contest... and it took first prize!

"This is a portrait of the Argent Mirror, Myasara Illistim, taking a moment alone in the morning, away from the court and away from the practiced formality that's so often demanded of her. A dried black rose is tucked away in the pages of her book, the symbol of Laethe and a reminder of her lost love - Caylio. She allows her mind to wander away from her reading, thinking of him while watching the airships dock in the distance and breathing in the scent of the fresh mournblooms."

90% Photoshop w/ a Wacom, 10% Illustrator. 
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