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The Magister - Gemstone IV

By lilyinblue
This is Magister Raelee Svala, my OC from the long-running MUD, Gemstone IV.  In short, she's a mage who likes fire and books... though not combined.

I've been working with this character for 14 years of my life, though I hadn't drawn her since 2006.  (See here: Damaged Eyes - I'd like to think I've upped my game a bit since then.)

I actually did the initial sketch for this in September of last year.  I agonized over the details on this one, as it was pretty important to me on a personal level.  Though after nearly 11 months of on and off work, she's done and I'm pretty happy with the result.

90% Photoshop w/ a Wacom, 10% Illustrator.  (With a little help from Arcane Runes Photoshop and GIMP Brushes and Alchemy II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes from redheadstock )


A few detail shots:

The Magister - Detail 1 by lilyinblue  The Magister - Detail 2 by lilyinblue
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Slave-to-the-Wage's avatar
Gemstone IV wow, that takes me back. And I think I remember this character once upon a time, probably passing through Solhaven. But the artwork is gorgeous and always happy to see people how have long time characters that they love.
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Solhaven!  That's exactly it.

And glancing at your profile... I think I remember you too.  

It was nice hearing from you... and thank you for the kind words!
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Very nice! Love the face and hair!
lilyinblue's avatar
Thank you!

(The hair made me never want to paint anyone with curly hair ever again.  Ha!)
ReverseImpossible's avatar
Awesome job! I wish I could articulate more because it really is a cool piece but i'm kind of at a loss at the moment :D
lilyinblue's avatar
Haha.  Thank you!
ReverseImpossible's avatar
You are quite welcome :D Your work was really eye catching :D 
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