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Gypsy Vanner

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I was digging through a bunch of unfinished art, thinking I'd complete one of those pieces.  I had lots of incomplete super heroes - my usual subject.  There was Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Psylocke, Mockingbird and even Dazzler in various states of completion.  Seized with indecision, I did the only logical thing...

... and I drew a fuzzy pony instead!

So here's a Gypsy Vanner, always a gorgeous breed.  It's sort of fun to draw horses again - when I was a kid, they were the only thing I ever drew.  (The superheroes didn't happen until I was an adult, oddly...)


Photoshop CS5.5 with a Wacom Intuos.  (Please note: this is NOT stock.)
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Pretty work :heart: I love the fur ^^
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Thank you!  All of the fuzz was actually a lot of fun.
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Wow, well done. Beautifully done.
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Thank you! :)

Horses used to be the only thing I drew... I should do more of these.