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Captain Marvel - In Flight

By lilyinblue
I seem to be an obsessed fan with a one-track mind. Here is my third rendition of my favorite Avenger, Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. (And I cannot begin to tell you how in love I am with the current book. It is Carol Danvers as she was always meant to be written.)

I feel like I achieved something new here, in the technical sense. I'm not sure what, but I definitely learned a lot while working on this piece. Also, I forced myself to make an actual background for once. (Sort of.)

Photoshop/Illustrator CS5 with a Wacom Intuos 3.


My previous Captain Marvel works:
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You do an amazing Captain Marvel.  I’ve not always been sold on her helmet in the books, but you make it work.  The stars framing her fist (Binary stars? Or am I reading too much into it?) add a nice visual something-something, very eye-catching.  

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Not reading too much into it at all.  I definitely put a binary star there very much on purpose.  I think you're the first person to notice it!

And thanks for the kind words.
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Huzzahs to me!  But the only reason I caught it probably has to do with Binary being my favorite of Carol’s names.  
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you're getting there! I don't know here but you're getting there! she is astounding and I love this character a lot! :3 <3
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All progress is good progress!  Thanks for the comments. :)
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you are very welcome my dear :)
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Really Great !! I love the pose you make her ^^ Carol Danvers forever !!
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While I'm not a big fan of the new costume I do think it looks better with the pseudo-helmet. :)
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome and beatiful
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Awesome!I haven't kept up with current stuff in over a year.Is this her new suit?
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Yep! She made her debut with the new suit and new title in July of 2012.
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Looks great, I think it's your best Captain Marvel piece!
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This is nothing short of spectacular!
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The lighting and shading is simply INCREDIBLE!!!
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It's high time you De-Throned Joe Quiñones as Carol's cover artist.
lilyinblue's avatar
Heh. I wouldn't say no! (Though the Quiñones covers have been a lot of fun.)

And thanks for the kind words.
IronAvenger6491's avatar
I agree on his covers being fun.

You two should rotate issues!
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Fantastic as always.
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