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tagged by :iconrolandwhittingham: and :iconsugarphonics:

Tea break from Big Boo's haunt! if you want to Keep update on progress then check out my insta and Tweeter. 
Slow and Steady wins the race.

-Answer 13 things asked by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they're tagged.
-Don't say, "You're tagged if you read this."
-You can tag back

1) Best intro and outro to a Film/Tv Series (any will do) and why?

I love persona --w--

2) What's your favourite style of Art and why?
Gorillaz, persona and more. i got inspired by the styles

3) what's your favourite Dish and do we get a recipe? 
tbh idk 

4) How many languages do you speak and what are they?
3. English, Hebrew and Russian. i do want to speak German, France and Japanesse

5) What's your favourite ship and why?
I cants deside, i have too many...

6) Tell us your strangest dream!
that i was a poisent girl with scorpion tail that took care of an child that lost her parents

7) who do you like writing/drawing more of? Hero's or Villain's?

8) Do you prefer Traditional or Digital Art and why?
Both bc they both are fun!

9) What's your Least Favourite TV Show/Film?
Dragon ball, everysingle of then, i didnt watched it and i dont hate it i just dont connect to it, i can give it a try but idk should i?

10) which Character is most like you?
תוצ×�ת תמונה עבור ‪futaba sakura‬â€� 
Futaba Sakura of course!, i do like sitting in the room all day and my mom... is mean to me but she didnt commit suiside, even that futaba's mom didnt was mean but that a bit of a messy part for me

11)If you was in Black clover, what Grimoire would you have?If you don't watch/Read Black clover, then if you was in My Hero Academia what Quirk would you have?
i didint watched watched Black Clover but i think i would have Gio Grimoire bc its have Water magic and Creation magic and im that type of person ^^
and quirk of course Water quirk or even a sea monster Quirk

12)Do you prefer the City, Beach or Country side as a get away holiday?
home of couse 

13) What's your favourite Sports and what team(s) do you support?
im not a sport person but i love swimming

Okay my 13 questions are:

1. If you know persona what is your favorite Persona game?
2. If you were a persona user what persona you would have?
3. What is your favorite music genre?
4. What is your favorite element?
5. What is your favorite game genre?
6. If you were in Danganronpa world what you would do?
7. What is your favorite animal?
8. Show me your best oc!
9. what did you got inspired of in your life?
10. If you were in a persona world what user you would be? An Evoker (a gun that summons the personas), Card User (summoning from your arcana) or Masked ( summoning your persona by taking your mask off)
11. If you were a superhero/ villan what abillty you would have?
12. What is your favorite Miraculous Lady episode?
13. Who is your favorite Youtuder?
 I tag: Bloody-Little-fallen , CharonNix  , Chibiblueberry , Captain0DragonSilent-Sid, @Zoe-975, @eifle79, @FangThemonster, Mei-Mei1 , bobneverdraws, oliviakingland, ronilove12, AnnaIsHere1
so im making commissions and i really want you guys to see if you want to pay or not
My First Commission List Ever! 2018 by LilyDragon14  My First Commission List Ever! 2018 by LilyDragon14  My First Commission List Ever! 2018 by LilyDragon14
so Geo-Space making new Birthday Raffle!
join her raffle too!

yes it's July 14!
my birthday!

you know what im glad that everybody i know and trust is here, i dont care if you will draw for me something or no i just glad that you all here ::3

so guys im not dead! just my pc broked and now i got a new one and better one ::3 Yay!


Bullet; Purple sent your oc or you fav character if that oc so text me about him/her the detalis about him/her
Bullet; Purple dont copy that commission
Bullet; Purple Please send the points first and then I start working

what i can drawBullet; Purple 
Bullet; Purple TDI
Bullet; Purple dragon humam/human
Bullet; Purple animals
Bullet; Purple homestuck
Bullet; Purple gemsonas/gemstone oc
Bullet; Purple adventure time
Bullet; Purple creepypasta
Bullet; Purple irken
Bullet; Purple kisekae
Bullet; Purple minecraft
Bullet; Purple PASWG
Bullet; Purple demon and angel
Bullet; Purple dragons
Bullet; Purple furries
Bullet; Purple some monster
Bullet; PurpleOC and sonas
Bullet; PurpleMinecraft skins 
Bullet; Purplerobots  

what i cant drawBullet; Black 
Bullet; Black fnaf(im sorry)
Bullet; Black 3D
Bullet; Black mlp 
Bullet; Black pokemon
Bullet; Black transformers
Bullet; Black NSFW
Bullet; Blackanimation
Bullet; Blackundertale
Bullet; Blackoverwatch  
Bullet; Blacksmurfs


ok lets start to commission

10Points -line art:1character is 15Points  and 2 characters is 20Points  and 3+ characters is 25Points 
full body-20Points 

20Points -colored arts:1 character is 25Points  and 2 characters is 30Points  and 3+ characters is 35Points

25Points- shading arts

5Points- with background 

10Points- Line art: 1 character 15Points and 2 characters is 20Points  and 3+ characters is 25Points

Minecraft skin

sent point im my profile donate

so my pc had a virus

and now IM BACK GUYS!
Im making Rps!

what charater you want to rp (mine character):

You can Choise

what kind of rp: 

and kind

feel free to Note me for Rp!
Woo Free Reffle!
Here is amazing Giveaway By MariusOfTheSea 

is hosting a super cool Valley Girl Vacay Giveaway!
It's easier than ever to join, and the prizes are great!! I encourage you all to join!!!

ok guys i played a new game calls What Remains of Edith Finch and that game made me cry alots…… im still crying…. sorry…… 

Tgat Game Is Sad by LilyDragon14

so…. that game is pretty heave( idk how my laptop holded that game but he did)….. you should watch/play this game becouse this game is the amazing game i even played…..

good luck….

Oki Im Creating 2 Discord Chats

One a normal Chat

and Two the Furry Chat


Furry Chat: FurTalks! ::3

Normal Chat: Nerf This

You can talk in there!
Share your arts!
Share your NSFW Stuff
and Even Join to the Music Chat and turn some songs by the FredBoat!
Plz Join ::3
time to change Lily's ID and Personalty
pplz saying I'm too edgy
like I'm a edgy lord or something like that
should I or not?
Some pplz telling me that LilyD is Too OP, that her personallty is too bad and she over power
if you have idea to tell me how to change her?
do you like how im everytime creating a character with horns,tail and wings?
if yes so yay ^^
if no so tell me what i need to do?