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My main Danganronpa oc:Michiko Emiharu by LilyDragon14 My main Danganronpa oc:Michiko Emiharu by LilyDragon14
so i made new Danganronpa oc bc my old one is cringy af, so yea
idk if she good enought for Mad Scientist but you can tell if i need to fix her or not ::3

Name: Michiko Emiharu
Age: 17
Blood Type: A
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Birthday: 14/07 (like me lol)
Likes: been calm , tea, blood (sometimes) , make expiriment
Dislike: Been Mad, Coffie
Talent: Ultimate Mad Scientist
Murder: no one bc she trying to be calm and not kill everybody around with her psychophatic 
Chest Size: 79 cm
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Survivors of the Killing School Life
zodiac: Cancer

Dad: unknow
mom: unknow
brother/sister: unknow
pet: unknow

Personality and Actions
her personallty based on her mood.
she trying to calm and positive bc she dont want to harm her friends in the killing game but sometimes she is getting crazy and she trying to control herself down to not kill her friends 

sometimes she trying to chreer everybody up but nobody will lissen to her bc she is a Mad Scientist everybody thinks she can get crazy by any second and kill everyone

her reactions
Michiko is always free to talk ::3!
dead body:she prettty calm when she see a dead body
culprit: nothing that much
crush: when she see her crush she getting blush, talking gibrish and runs away

he is a Japaniesse scientist who made expirimets on humans, in the past when she was 10 years old she made her first expiriment on rat and she really like the results and the it kelp going and going untill she got mad and become a Mad Scientist, in 15 year old (5 years later) she came to the Talent Academy Horizon and accepted to school as their student with crazy talent, she got into class 83 and she had fun with her classmates there.

when the killing game starts she was a little bit upset but then she got used to it bc she will know she will never make her mistakes again with expiriments on peoples, she thought she would change herself and make herself as a good Scientist not Mad Scientist but in the end, when the killing game had ended she god more Mad then usuelly 

idk how i did it, did i did it good? did i did it bad? tell me and i can fix it! ::3

oc by :iconlilydragon14:

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