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Wig Tutorial: Cutting a Curled Wig

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I love love love tutorials, and have always wanted to make one so I thought I would document the process of my Kitty Pryde wig.

Like the tutorial says, I'm still very new to correctly styling a wig, so if any one has any suggestions or tips, I'm always open to hearing them! I got a lot of help on the Arda Wig forum before I bought the wig and how to go about cutting/styling it. 
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omg this is going to save my life, thank you princess! 
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Of course! Let me know how it goes!
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This is extremely helpful!
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Very good tutorial :3 I always find it a bit risky to cut a curled wig (since it's like... ANYTHING can happen haha) But this makes it much easier! Thank you :D
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Yea, I've had a lot of trouble with it in the past. When I made my Nia wig, not only did I curl it myself, I also cut it myself and the ends were atrocious! I'm glad that I got to ask how the good folks at Arda would tackle this. It worked much better this time around!

Thanks so much for the nice words and comment (◡‿◡✿)
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I've just ordered a curled wig for a cosplay I'm doing and I was wondering how to cut it, so this is fantastic! Very detailed and very well done for someone who is new to styling wigs!
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(╯▽╰) Thank you! 
I hope that it works out for you whenever you get your wig. You'll have to comment again with a link to see how it turned out. Good luck!
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