IF YOUE SEE THIS PLEASE VOTE AND SHARE! - How many of you are really active on DA? See also my previous poll: http://lilyas.deviantart.com/journal/poll/3613628/
682 votes
[watching you] - I am active (submitting, commenting, faving etc.).
[watching you] - I am here but I am just a lurker.
[watching you] - I don't come back to DA very often anymore.
[not watching you] - I am an active deviant.
[not watching you] - I am a lurker.
[not watching you] - I am hardly around here.

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I come on here every day after school before I even do my homework and check and see if I have any notes or messages or faves or new watchers so I am on here like a daily basis mostly 3:00 pm or 6;00 am on week days on weekends mostly as soon as I wake up or ween I have time 
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Working on being tad more active with submitting writing or drawings.
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I'm very active on DA XD
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On everyday :w00t: love this place :laughing:
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I became shortly & Daily visit many art pages & comments them
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I am on dA probably...every day! XD
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On DA, every day
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I don't submit much,but I'm on Da every day.
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Im here but a lurker. D.a really isnt that friendly, and Im not into making friends as much as I was when I was younger. Im just here to enjoy art and submit every once in a while.
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Not that active for the last 6 months ...
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I don't submit on a regular basis, but I fave, comment, watch... all the time. heh
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I feel like this website is less and less active by actual artists ( people who post anything ) and more perverted minds who collect nudes or people who steal art. Hope I am wrong, either way - active. : )
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im here everyday heheh
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Still following you, and I always will :) Love your artwork dear!
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I used to be active years ago. Nowadays I just lurk in the background and check the lastest uploaded deviations. If I see something that is really amazing, then I'll comment on it. Otherwise, I'll stay pretty quiet. Occasionally I will comment on a journal or poll entry like now.
I voted active watcher - I fave and I comment, but I don't really submit, cause I'm not really much of an artist, but I appreciate other's stuff.
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I'm active as often as I can.
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I'm watching you. I'm active I fave things from you and on occasion leave a comment.
I'm way behind again with deviations from all the people I watch :ashamed:
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I'm not sure how to vote honestly, I want to be active but I couldn't do much because of my internet (most of my journals I mention it) ^^;

So I vote: [watching you] - I am here but I am just a lurker.
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